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ASPART-X Commercial Flooring

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Commercial industries can be demanding on commercial flooring products. High traffic, exposure to harsh chemicals, heavy equipment, the impact from dropped tools all contribute to the premature failure of traditional paints and epoxies.

ASPART-X excels in each of these areas making it the perfect choice for a diverse range of commercial, workshop and industrial flooring applications.

The stunning appearance of flake flooring is perfect for showrooms and retail stores, whilst the extreme durability and chemical resistance make it equally at home in more industrial settings such as workshops and warehouses.

ASPART-X is a cost-effective solution when compared with other commercial products including tiling, vinyl or concrete polishing. This is especially true when you consider the associated preparation costs and ongoing maintenance required with these materials.

ASPART-X with a flake finish is certified to a P4 rating under AS 4586:2013 Slip Resistance Classification with non-slip additives available for applications that require the highest P5 rating.


Commercial Flooring Applications

The superior strength and durability provided by ASPART-X makes it suitable for a range of commercial applications. With a fast application process and rapid cure times, it results in a faster return to service, reducing downtime and minimising the impact to construction schedules. Common flooring applications include:

Commercial Flooring

Common commercial flooring applications include:

  1. Commercial wet areas, kitchens, bathrooms
  2. Sporting facility changerooms
  3. Retail showroom flooring
  4. Aquatic centres pool surrounds and walkways
  5. Hospitals and aged care facilities
  6. Office foyer and staircases

Workshop Flooring

Common workshop flooring applications include:

  1. Automotive workshops
  2. Mechanical workshop flooring
  3. Manufacturing workshop flooring

Industrial Flooring

Common industrial flooring applications include:

  1. Heavy industrial flooring for large facilities
  2. Industrial wash bay flooring
  3. Warehouse flooring
  4. Factory flooring

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Features of Commercial ASPART-X Flooring

The advanced Polyaspartic formula provides a durable commercial flooring solution that can withstand even the hardest of environments. The long-lasting bond will reduce your need to regularly resurface, paint or spray your current commercial flooring. ASPART-X commercial flooring is:

  1. Strong, durable, scratch-resistant
  2. Resistant to harsh chemicals
  3. Suitable for vertical application of coving/walls or bunds
  4. Absorbed into the substrate for a permanent bond
  5. Waterproof membrane – easy to clean spills
  6. UV Stable – Suitable for outdoor applications
  7. Fast return to service – Walk on 3 hours, Drive on in 24 hours
  8. Environmentally friendly – Zero VOC’s
  9. Clear or Solid colour options for basic concrete sealing applications
  10. AS 4586:2013 Slip Resistance Certified Rating P4 (P5 option available)