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Blog Maintaining Bedliner

Maintaining Your Bedliner

To ensure your LINE-X bedliner performs to the highest standards, allow it to fully cure and keep it clean.

  • When you pick up your truck from your local LINE-X, your bedliner is 80% cured. You are immediately ready for light duty use.
  • Wait 24 hours before hauling rocks, rubble or other heavy objects. At that time your bedliner will be fully cured.
  • LINE-X is easy to clean. You can use soap, water and a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt and debris.
  • When using a pressure washer, make sure the spray is set in a wide fan pattern under 1000 psi. LINE-X is safe to send through a car wash.
  • Clean up chemical spills immediately. While most corrosive agents will not damage the integrity of your bedliner, chemicals like chlorine may bleach the surface if left on the bedliner for an extended period of time.

All LINE-X Bedliners are protected by a Lifetime Warranty. If you have a problem, please visit your local LINE-X.