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Complete Coatings Solution for Work Trucks: Nichols Fleet Equipment Case Study

Many truck owners know LINE-X as a tough, nearly indestructible coating for bedliners. But our coatings are capable of so much more. Companies around the world requiring corrosion-, abrasion-, and impact-resistant coatings trust our expertise in polyurea development and application. When Nichols Fleet Equipment needs serious protection, they turn to LINE-X. We protect work trucks, boats, trailers, fire trucks, RV's and more. See how our incredible partner Nichols Fleet Equipment incorporated LINE-X into their trucks to help their hard working customers.

Nichols Fleet Equipment provides hard-working trucks for demanding industries. When a customer purchases a piece of equipment from Nichols, they expect every square inch of their investment to hold up for years to come. Nichols trucks are designed for difficult work, but with that work comes damage. Chemical spills, road salt, tar, and heavy tools are just a few of the things these trucks encounter on a regular basis. 

Today, roughly 90 percent of all trucks built by Nichols Fleet Equipment utilize LINE-X protective coatings. LINE-X can withstand and protect against the scuffs, dents, drops, and spills that work trucks experience on a daily basis. 

Read the Complete Case Study to learn more about how and why Nichols Fleet Equipment uses LINE-X to protect their trucks. Contact us to discuss LINE-X's complete coatings solution for your fleet or service vehicle.