ASPART-X Residential & Garage Flooring

Serious Protection

Whether choosing a flake or granule finish, ASPART-X flooring transforms your boring grey concrete surfaces with a variety of decorative colour options. Not only does it look great, but it can help protect against damage to the floor due to its superior strength and durability.

ASPART-X is a waterproof membrane, meaning spills will not soak into the concrete to make it easy to clean and resistant to staining. This makes ASPART-X a perfect choice for garage floor coatings, carport flooring and driveway flooring.

ASPART-X has zero VOC’s, meaning it is safe to use indoors and outdoors and isn’t going to be leaching harmful solvents throughout the curing process. Therefore, it is safe around plants, animals and children and no lingering odour after completion.

The best part is the speed of application. Typically, residential floor coating applications are completed within the same day from grinding to completion of the final coat, allowing foot traffic within 3 hours and only 24 hours required until it can be driven on.

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Residential Flooring Applications

ASPART-X is a versatile sealer which can be used for countless residential flooring applications. As one of the most durable protective coatings on the market, the Polyaspartic coating provides increased longevity, corrosion protection and UV protection. This makes the protective floor coating suitable for:

Garage Floor Coatings

Whether it's using heavy equipment, dropping tools, or spilling fluids such as oil, fuel and solvents, garage floors cop a lot of abuse. So when choosing a concrete flooring sealer you want to do it right the first time. ASPART-X seamless flooring solutions polyaspartic formula penetrates the surface of the substrate, not only resulting in a stronger bond compared to topical coatings such as paint or epoxy, but also increasing the structural integrity of the substrate. Applied by skilled applicators, ASPART-X offers a fast turnaround to minimise inconvenience and will provide a long-lasting finish to your garage floor.

Carport Flooring

Similar to garage floors, carport flooring is usually exposed to ongoing wear from your vehicle including oil spills, petrol fumes and wheel rubber marking, so it's important to have an appropriate concrete floor sealer. As carports are also commonly open, your carport flooring may also be exposed to UV, environmental debris and water damage. ASPART-X seamless carport flooring will eliminate the damage from these harsh elements and makes cleaning of dirt, debris and spills a breeze. Available in a number of different finishes, not only does ASPART-X perform well, but looks great too!

Driveway Coatings

Improve the visual appeal of your driveway with seamless flake flooring. Your new driveway coating will not only look the part, but it will also protect the surface from ongoing wear and tear. Unlike paint and epoxy coating, Polyaspartic is resistant to hot tyre pick up, making it perfect for those looking for a high performance, superior strength and quality finish driveway coating.


Pathways around the outside of your home can also benefit greatly by having an ASPART-X Polyaspartic coating applied. With countless seamless flake flooring colour options you'll be able to find the perfect cobination to create decorative walkways that not only look great, but esure a long lasting substrate. No longer will you have to suffer from rotten concrete or staining from bore water.

Outdoor entertaining areas

Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area with ASPART-X flooring. You have countless colour combinations, flake flooring and granule options to decide from. The advanced protective coating will provide superior strength and durability while also making it easy to clean up after entertaining your guests. As ASPART-X is a waterproof membrane and has high chemical resistance, it is the perfect product to use around pool areas, to ensure the concrete does not rot due to constant moisture and harsh pool chemicals.

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Features of Residential ASPART-X Flooring

ASPART-X floor coatings are perfect for a range of applications around your home and commercial flooring applications due to its superior durability and quick-drying after application. ASPART-X flooring is known to be:

  • Hard-wearing
  • UV stable
  • VOC free – No solvents
  • Variety of colours and flake combinations
  • Fast Application and return to service
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Waterproof

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