ASPART-X is a high-performance polyaspartic coating that forms a seamless flooring membrane, ideal for use as a concrete floor sealer. The advanced chemistry of ASPART-X makes it extremely durable against impact and abrasion, resistant to harsh chemicals and very quick turnaround time, with it being able to be driven on 24 hours after application.

It is VOC free, meaning it does not harm the environment as there are no solvents. This also means there is a very low odour, which is great when using the product indoors.

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The versatile coating solution can also be applied in a range of solid colour as a sealer for concrete flooring in warehouses and workshops, or you can add decorative flake flooring chips or granules for a decorative finish suitable for a wide variety of applications such as domestic carports/garages or even commercial wet areas, foyers and showrooms.

ASPART-X can be used with a variety of colour pigments, polymer flakes or quartz granules, transforming the look of your concrete surface whilst also providing unrivalled protection. It works great as a protective sealer for residential property flooring, providing seamless concrete flooring protection with an option for decorative flake flooring designs.

ASPART-X provides unsurpassed performance and durability compared to traditional floor coatings like epoxy or paint. No matter what your needs, your ASPART-X application will protect your investment for years to come.

ASPART-X is available in several finishes and virtually unlimited colour combinations to best suit the requirements of you specific application. Typically, residential applications where aethetics are important, a flake or quartz ganule finish is typically used. For more commercial applications such as mechanical workshops or commercial wet areas, where the functionality and durability is a priority, then a colour basecoat finish is the norm. This allows spills or dropped parts to be easily identified and cleaned. Additional non slip additives can be added to the final clearcoat on both flake and basecoat options to increase the slip rating.

  • Finishes include Basecoat colour, Flake and Quartz Granule
  • 9 Standard solid basecoat colours.
  • 4 Standard flake flooring colour combinations – Tuxedo, Pebble Blue, Golden Road, Sandstone.
  • Quartz granule colour combinations available on request.
  • Endless Custom colour basecoat and flake combinations available.
colours and finishes

Before commencing any application, an ASPART-X technician will visit your location to inspect the area to be coated to ensure it is suitable for the application. Considerations are the age, hardness and condition of the concrete, moisture levels within the substrate, and identifying any cracks or damage that may require repair. This information then determines if the job will proceed.

Like with any protective coating, preparation is crucial.

Any significant cracks or damage/bug holes are chased with a grinder and filled with our proprietary crack repair compound MEND-X. Once set, the entire pad is ground to remove any existing coatings and create a level surface, ready for your new seamless flooring. It is then vacuumed to remove any dust or debris.

A layer of masking tape is applied around the boundary of the area to be coated to create clean lines and prevent the ASPART-X being applied to adjacent surfaces. This attention to detail helps to create a spectacular finish.


Clear “Primer” coat:

Clear ASPART-X resin is applied by roller to the freshly ground concrete. With no pigments or additives, this coat will be absorbed deep within the substrate ensuring the concrete floor sealer is securely embedded from within, also improving the strength and performance of the concrete itself.


Colour Basecoat

The second coat of ASPART-X is tinted with pigment and applied to form the base colour of the application. For applications where flake flooring options or granules are not required, multiple colour coats may be applied.


Decorative Flake/Granule

While the colour basecoat is wet, decorative flooring flakes or granules are broadcast onto the surface. Once the base coat is dry excess chips are vacuumed up. This gives a great decorative flake flooring design to your new seamless flooring.


Clear Top Coat

2 coats of clear ASPART-X are applied over the chips to create a durable top layer the protects against moisture, UV, harsh chemicals, abrasion, and allows easy clean-up of spills. If addition grip is required a non-skid additive can be added to the final coat.

Whether it be used as a decorative seamless flooring finish at home in the carport or garage, or in commercial applications such as kitchens, wet areas or even industrial workshops, ASPART-X ticks all the boxes. Not only does ASPART-X perform well against chemical, UV, or abrasive conditions, but because it is absorbed into the surface of the concrete, it is the only coating of its kind that improves the structural integrity of the substrate it is applied to. With a quicker return to service time and superior chemical and strength properties, ASPART-X is the #1 choice for good looking, hard-wearing flooring applications.

  • Strong, durable, scratch-resistant
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Absorbed into the substrate for a permanent bond
  • Waterproof membrane – easy to clean spills
  • UV Stable – Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Fast return to service – Walk on 3 hours, Drive on in 24 hours
  • Environmentally friendly – Zero VOC’s
  • Low odour, suitable for interior applications
  • Clear or Solid colour options for basic concrete sealing applications
  • Flake Flooring or Granule options for decorative applications
  • AS 4586:2013 Slip Resistance Rating P4
  • Garages/Carports
  • Driveways & paths
  • Verandas & Pool Areas
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Commercial wet areas, kitchens, bathrooms etc
  • Sporting facility changerooms
  • Aquatic centres
  • Hospitals/Aged care facilities
  • Mechanical Workshops and wash bays
  • Warehouses & office buildings