LINE-X Franchisee Testimonials

There are many ways to build your small business as a LINE-X Franchisee.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity or ready to expand your existing business, LINE-X Franchisees can offer valuable insight.

Testimonials from our Franchisees

I was able to buy this shop from an existing Franchisee and transitioned into what I’ve been able to make it today. I was in the food and beverage industry previously, knew nothing about the automotive industry but knew that it was a hobby of mine and wanted to be in business for myself. With the steps and the plan that LINE-X has in place it was very easy for me to make that transition. So I followed the LINE-X system and worked to my strengths which are marketing and advertising. As a result our sales are up 35%. If you want to be your own boss and be in the automotive industry than this is where you want to be.

Luke Karl

LINE-X of Lincoln & LINE-X of Blair

LINE-X, while it’s a great product, it’s the people within LINE-X that make it so special. Without the support and training and the willingness to bend over backwards to give us the resources and materials from the website to the Regional Managers, without that we wouldn’t have achieved the success we have. Overall it’s been a great experience for us both.

Lud & Tawny Zajc

LINE-X of Akron/Medina & Greater Cleveland

I’ve been a Franchisee since July 2015. I own a very large auto body shop and was looking for something to add to my business. I never expected it to develop as quickly as it did. It’s amazing — I never, ever, ever expected to grow as quickly as I did. And to have all these leads coming through — I’m constantly getting leads, referrals and phone calls. It’s been very impressive. LINE-X did everything they said they were going to do, they really delivered.

Carl Garcia

LINE-X of Fall River

I’ve been spraying bedliners for 13 years — 11 of those years as a competitor of LINE-X. I was constantly asked questions like: ‘How do you compare to LINE-X?’ ‘How does your warranty work?’ I was out there on my own. So when a LINE-X territory near me became available, I didn’t run after it, I chased after it, and when I opened my LINE-X Franchise sales tripled if not quadrupled. So know when I’m asked, ‘How do you compare to LINE-X?’ I don’t have to compare because we are LINE-X.

John Tonsager

LINE-X Coatings

Through focus, service and some hard work, we have developed a very successful business. To say the least we are extremely happy with our decision to become a LINE-X Franchise.

Kevin Koehnke

Tampa, Florida

LINE-X has helped us achieve our goal to have a successful family-run business. Anytime we need anything the people at LINE-X are there for us.

Shawn & Tamara Faircloth

Knoxville, TN

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