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Owning a business is hard work. But if you’ve got the passion and a drive to succeed, we’ve got the highest quality products and a support network to help you realise your dreams. From automotive and specialty coatings to industrial applications, LINE-X® products continually open doors to new markets and opportunities.


LINE-X has a reputation for durability and long-lasting protection that extends far beyond our bedliners. Given Australia's extensive mining, marine and agricultural industries, there are endless oppurtunities for LINE-X Industrial protective coatings. LINE-X is perfect to protect farm equipment, secondary containment, tank linings, boat hulls and decks, fuel cells, earthmoving equipment, and construction equipment, to name a few. Our crews are mobile, so can spray almost anywhere. 


With over 20 formulas in the LINE-X portfolio our protective coatings offer UV stability as well as abrasion, impact and chemical resistance. And with LINE-X custom color and texture options, products appeal to a wide range of businesses. Adaptable and resilient, LINE-X protective coatings are environmentally-friendly and exhibit outstanding physical properties – specific products are rated for fire safety, approved for use in potable water applications, recommended by the FDA and trusted by the U.S. Military.

ASPART-X Flooring

ASPART-X is a high-performance polyaspartic coating that forms a seamless flooring membrane, ideal for use as a concrete floor sealer. The advanced chemistry of ASPART-X makes it extremely durable against impact and abrasion, resistant to harsh chemicals and very quick turnaround time, with it being able to be driven on 24 hours after application. Suitable for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications, ASPART-X flooring opens up yet another revenue stream within the protective coatings indusrty.


LINE-X has a reputation of being the top dog among spray-on bedliner companies. Our non-stop drive for product innovation, proven application system, and unmatched technical support set us apart from the other guys. Recently LINE-X introduced LINE-X PLATINUM, a pure polyurea coating technology that is our toughest bedliner to date. In tests measuring the effect of stress versus strain, important statistics in the determination of toughness, LINE-X PLATINUM achieved results 300% higher than the industry standard spray-on bedliner. LINE-X coatings can offer abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance, UV stability, custom color, and texture options. Additionally, all LINE-X Spray-On Bedliners carry our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.


The superior performace and durability of LINE-X, combined with it's unique rugged texture finish has made it the perfect choice for vehicle exterior applications. Door sills, flares, bullbars, side steps and even full vehicle coatings all benefit from the ultimate protection that LINE-X Body Armour provides.


The Four Wheel Drive ute market makes up the majority of our LINE-X Automotive applications and LINE-X is often the first accessory customers look to have applied to thier vehicle. To provide licensees with additional revenue oppurtunities and the ability to up-fit customers new vehicles, LINE-X Australia has partnered up with leading brands in the Aftermarket Accessory Industry, providing licensees with access to quality 4WD accessories from Australia and the USA.

Become a Part of the LINE-X Team. Start-up licence | Add-on to existing business

New LIcence Benefits Include:

  • Brand Recognition
  • No Royalty Fees
  • Award-Winning Research and Development
  • Marketing and Advertising Support
  • Initial and Ongoing Training & Support
  • Group buying power from leading Ute accessory brands
  • Proven System and sales programs
  • Competitive rates on full equipment packages

Our Story

LINE-X began as a small family-owned company specializing in chemical manufacturing. After a few years we stumbled upon a new formula for a versatile, durable spray-on elastomer polyurea. We introduced a spray-on application system and — voilà — the LINE-X coating was born. Like many new inventors, we had no idea how this coating would take off. Until one day we discovered the perfect application: the bedliner. With physical attributes and an application technique easy to master, we had the formula for a successful franchise system.

Global Expansion

In a short time, LINE-X grew into an extensive Franchise Network with operations expanding around the globe. The diversity of LINE-X products and services allows Franchisees to be creative — working across numerous industries and markets. Whether it’s designing new protective coatings for an oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia or protecting over 3 million trucks in North America, our Franchisees have the tools to get it done.

Largest Market

Today, LINE-X is expanding further into the automotive aftermarket by increasing products and services offered exclusively by LINE-X Franchises. We’ve added truck accessories into our product mix allowing Franchises to become one-stop-customization-shops. Our exclusive truck accessory brand, Truck Gear by LINE-X, is only available to LINE-X Franchisees and carries a Lifetime End-to-End Warranty (a step above the industry standard). We continue to drive innovation in our industry and are looking for franchisees to help us lead the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the LINE-X team?

Joining the LINE-X team gives you the opportunity to own your own business with the support of a trusted industry leader. As a LINE-X Licensee, you'll benefit from a well-known brand name, proven business systems with national and local support, national and regional advertising, a three-week initial training program, on-going training for owners and staff, site selection and lease negotiations, flexible floor plans, design support, construction guidance and much more.

Do I receive a protected territory with the purchase of a LINE-X licence

Yes, every LINE-X Licensee operates in an exclusive territory based on population, size, annual truck sales, and other factors. LINE-X utilizes a strategic software mapping solution as part of its site approval process.

Is financing available to open a LINE-X Licence?

LINE-X does not offer in-house financing. However, LINE-X is a registered SBA Franchise. If financing is required, we will work with you to help develop a business plan as you research which lender to use.

What type of marketing support will I receive?

LINE-X offers a powerful comprehensive marketing, advertising and public relations program with a solid national reach to benefit all LINE-X Licensees.

What special skills are required?

LINE-X is looking for candidates that possess:

  • Sales aptitude
  • Financial management skills
  • Management experience
  • High motivation and a strong desire to succeed
  • Willingness to follow a proven system
  • Ability to personally devote the time and effort necessary to build, manage and supervise a LINE-X center
Does LINE-X offer a military discount for Veterans of the Armed Forces?

Yes, LINE-X has long supported our armed forces taking steps to help those who have served our country...our Veterans. LINE-X provides a discount to any honourably discharged Veteran who purchases a new LINE-X Licence. This is among the highest Veteran’s discount offered in Franchising.

What percentage is the royalty fee for LINE-X?

LINE-X does not currently charge a royalty fee.

What kind of training and support does LINE-X provide?

The training program is a 3-week process. Where the first five days of initial training is provided to the new Licence owners at our Corporate Headquarters in Huntsville, AL. Licensees receive instruction on sales, business management, marketing and customer service procedures during this time. Additionally, LINE-X provides technical, hands-on and sales support training during weeks two and three, once the new center is open.

What assistance will LINE-X provide for the real estate selection?

LINE-X can offer third party assistance to potential Licensees for site selection, lease negotiation, construction and equipment installation. In the event of a conversion, we will assist you in re-branding your center to meet current LINE-X standards.

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