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Protect your vehicle with LINE-X

LINE-X vehicle protective coatings and liners provide unrivalled protection to your vehicle. Proven to provide resistance to impact, scratches and UV rays, get your vehicle ready to tackle the demands of off-roading with ute liners, van liners, 4x4 accessory coatings and full vehicle spray from LINE-X.

Serious protection for all vehicles

LINE-X spray-on automotive coatings and floor liners can be applied to any car make and model including large 4WDs and 4x4 utes. We also offer coatings in a variety of colours to match your vehicle.


Ute liners

Provide unmatched protection to your ute with LINE-X Spray-On Ute Liners!

Using polyurea technology to provide weather protection against the Australian elements, your ute tray will be kept in perfect condition year-round.

Why choose LINE-X spray-on ute liners?

  • Spray-on application to suit all vehicle makes and models
  • Prevents leaks, rust & corrosion
  • Resistance from harsh chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly and VOC Free

Van Liners

Automotive floor liners help keep your van protected whilst carrying heavy-duty loads. Floor mats tend to slide around which risks trapping debris and moisture underneath. LINE-X van lining offers ultimate protection to the load area of your van. When looking for water, scratch and corrosion-resistant flooring for your van, look no further than LINE-X.

Why choose LINE-X van liners?

  • Protects without compromising on space
  • Can be applied to every van make and model
  • Protects flooring from water, scratches, and corrosion
  • Provides a slip-resistant surface

4x4 Accessory Coatings

Keep your 4x4 accessories in good condition with LINE-X. Your 4x4 vehicle protection accessories are constantly exposed to impact when out on the open road. You’ll often experience paint damage and rust. Now you can restore and extend the life of your bull bars, roof racks and rear bars with LINE-X!

Why choose LINE-X protective coatings for 4x4 accessories?

  • Extends the life of your accessories
  • Cheaper than buying replacement parts
  • Perfect for restoring older accessories and brand new accessories
  • Stronger than paint and powder coat

Full Vehicle Spray

LINE-X Body Armour full vehicle protective coating is designed for the ultimate 4X4 enthusiast. Have peace of mind on your next off-road adventure that your vehicle will be protected from real-world scratches and scrapes. Our full body spray is applied as a thin coating that offers superior paint protection whilst also protecting against unexpected damage.

Why choose LINE-X Full Vehicle Protective Coating

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Offers paint protection
  • Adheres to all shapes and surfaces
  • Tested to withstand harsh conditions

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LINE-X vs drop in tub liners

Drop-in bedliners are cheaper and there are a few reasons why! LINE-X spray-on bedliner has undergone vigorous testing to ensure superior quality, aesthetics and protection. Here are a few reasons why you should choose LINE-X!

Drop-in liners can’t be repaired

Unlike LINE-X spray-on bedliner, drop-in liners can’t be repaired. With LINE-X, you can take advantage of a lifetime warranty. Plus, we can also restore faded spray-on bed liner to give your ute a like-new finish again.

LINE-X spray offers superior protection

Drop-in liners provide a buffer between your truck bed and your cargo load. However, you risk cracking. Plus, loose debris and moisture can get trapped under the liner and risk scratching or rusting the bed without you realising. A LINE-X spray-on liner is tested to withstand almost anything and nothing can get underneath it!

LINE-X offers form and function

Drop-in liners are often made of low-quality materials that may be prone to warping in the Australian heat. LINE-X offers a sleeker finish to not only ensure your vehicle looks its best but also keeps your vehicle protected for its entire lifespan.

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