Protective Coatings for 4x4 Accessories

Serious Protection for your 4x4 Accessories

Accessories like bull bars, side steps and rear bars are fitted to your 4x4 to provide protect vulnerable parts of your 4x4 from damage. These areas are constantly exposed to abrasion, impact damage or hash chemicals (salt water, fuel and oil) when off roading and the standard paint or powdercoat is no match for the harsh conditions of the Australian bush. LINE-X offers unrivalled protection that will cop abuse that no other coating can handle, keeping your 4x4 accessories in good condition and preventing damage and corrosion of your valuable parts.

Cost effective restoration of your accessories


Whilst it’s best to protect your parts from new, LINE-X is also the perfect choice to restore your older accessories and bar work. Even if the powdercoating has flaked off and rust has set in, we can sandblast back to bare metal, prime, and apply LINE-X automotive coatings to your parts giving them a new lease on life. This is also much cheaper than buying replacement parts only to have the same issue a few years down the track! LINE-X looks great, and gives your parts that tough look and transforms the look of your vehicle


Common LINE-X Applications for 4x4 accessories

  • Bullbars
  • Side Steps / Rocksliders
  • Scrub Bars
  • Rear bars and tyre carriers
  • Flares
  • Roof Racks
  • Snorkels
  • Sports bars / chase racks

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The existing paint/powder coat is removed from the bar using abrasive blasting. Blasting back to bare metal ensures all signs of corrosion and contaminants are removed and gives the ideal surface profile for the primer/LINE-X to bond to.


Priming and sealing

The freshly sandblasted bar is cleaned down with compressed air and wax and grease remover to ensure no contaminants remain. The bar is primed using one of our proprietary primers to ensure maximum adhesion of the LINE-X. Once dry any gaps or joins that may create folds in the final coat are sealed using a polyurethane based sealant.


Application of LINE-X

High impact areas are given multiple coats to provide maximum strength whereas the inside the bar is given a single coat to completely seal the bar to protect against corrosion, whilst keeping thickness to a minimum to ensure sufficient tolerances for mounting.


UV Topcoat

Immediately after LINE-X a UV top coat is applied to provide a long lasting lustre and shine and gives the LINE-X maximum UV protection. Once dry the bar is ready to be fitted back on the vehicle/collected by the customer.

Custom-Sprayed Vehicle Accessories

LINE-X lets you customize almost anything. Even your vehicle accessories can have the same textured, durable finish as your bedliner. Applied as a continuous, single coating, LINE-X has no visible seams or edges, and features UV- and slip-resistant properties. Protects bullbars, rear bars, flares, side steps, grills, scrub bars and more!

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