Forget what you think you know. Whilst LINE-X® is renowned for having a rich heritage in automotive applications, our experience and capabilities extends beyond the bedliner.

For over 25 years LINE-X has been the world leaders in polyurea protective coatings. With over 500 dedicated LINE-X stores across more than 30 countries, LINE-X is at the forefront of research and development of advanced technologies within the polyurea industry. For decades LINE-X has excelled in corrosion protection and has developed over 20 specific formulas to handle a wide variety of applications across multiple industries.

Whether you require high chemical resistance or flame retardant coatings within the mining/industrial industries, UV stability for fleet vehicles, waterproof membranes for marine applications, a product that can handle the high abrasion and impact such as those encountered in agricultural settings, or ASPART-X - a specialised polyaspartic flooring system suitable for residential and commercial applications, LINE-X is guaranteed to have a coating tailored to suit your needs. From ute liners to multi-million dollar remote site applications, no job is to big or small.

In addition to our protective coatings portfolio, Spray on Ute Liners and Automotive coatings, all LINE-X stores across Australia stock a range of quality aftermarket 4x4 accessories from some of the USA and Australia’s leading 4wd accessory brands. We work with ute’s day in, day out and consider ourselves uteologists. So whether you're looking for a set of spotlights for your next trip, or a complete bar work fit out for a new vehicle, make LINE-X your first stop.

So no matter what your needs are, whether its somthing simple for the home, automotive, or large scale industrial, LINE-X has the product, skill and expertise to provide you with the world's #1 protective coating solutions!


Welcome to LINE-X Xperiments. This is where we take the toughest protective coatings product on the market and subject them to outrageous and incredible tests of strength and durability in our lab. You know ... for science. Watch our Xperiments, suggest some of your own, but whatever you do, don’t try these at home.