Boat Keels

Boat Keels

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    Recreational vehicles and watercrafts – such as boats, always take a massive beating from the elements.

    Many boats are constructed using gel coating reinforced with fiberglass which can easily be chipped or damaged causing water to leak into the boat. A key area this can occur is the leading edge of a boat – also referred to as the “keel” – which serves as the foundation or spine of the boat and is the central source of structural support for the hull.

    Enter LINE-X – and its near-‘indestructible’ protective ‘armor.’ LINE-X regularly is able to repair chipped and damaged hulls by coating the affected area with XS-100, the same famously tough and durable material used in LINE-X’s demanding automotive applications. Its excellent adhesion to gel coated fiberglass makes it ideal for this application.

    LINE-X prepares the boat keel in a manner similar to a truck bed. The area of the boat hull that does not require LINE-X is masked off for protection. The centerline of the boat is used as a reference point to begin masking off the area to be sprayed. Once the area is properly prepped, LINE-X sprays the protective coating in one continuous strip from the top of the bow to the stern of the boat.

    Overall, there is no doubt. LINE-X is the perfect solution for gel coated fiberglass keel protection. Customers greatly appreciate the efficiency of LINE-X applicators, making the repair efficient to limit the amount of time boats are out of the water.