Your 2021 Guide to Effective Ute Tray Storage Solutions

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    Ute’s are the ultimate tradie vehicle to store and transport your tools and equipment, providing an all-round economical vehicle with great storage capacity. However, you may need to make some modifications if you intend to use your storage space as efficiently as possible.

    Ute toolboxes, drawers and ute storage accessories also make organising your tools easy, while improving your ute security, keeping them out of sight from prying eyes. Create the ultimate ute with these ute tray storage solutions.

    Plan Out Your Ute Tray Storage Options

    Before you get started on accessorising your ute tray, it’s important to plan out your options.

    While many of the options listed below will coincide and work together to bring your dream ute to life, you may have some clashes based on the choices you make. Browse through ute accessories and brands to decide what accessories you’d love to install on your ute. If you’re ever unsure whether they will work together, speak to your local LINE-X franchise who will run you through available accessories and fit outs.

    Ute Storage Solutions

    When considering ute storage solutions, look for accessories that:

    • Improve storage capacity of your ute tray;
    • Improve ease of access and ability to organise tools;
    • Increase security of your tools and equipment.

    To get you started, here are a few of the best ute storage accessories available.

    DECKED Ute Drawer System

    DECKED ute tub storage allows you to maximise the space in your tray with an easy to access and organise drawer system.

    The DECKED System is a multi-drawer storage unit. Each drawer weighs between 95kg and 105kg and are waterproof and highly customisable. The ute storage system allows you to move around panels to organise your tools and equipment the way you find most convenient.

    Benefits of DECKED ute tray drawers:

    • Convenient and customisable to suit your requirements;
    • Durable with a high payload (1000kg);
    • Weatherproof to keep your tools and equipment dry and secure;
    • Locakbale drawers to keep your equipment safe.

    Undercover Swing Case Ute Toolboxes

    Make the most of dead space in your ute tray with Undercover Swing Cases.

    The advanced design of Swing Case allows you to organise your tool storage in a convenient and space-saving way, fitting in between the wheel arches and back of your ute tray. The toolbox allows for storage of up to 35kg keeping your tools protected from weathering and moisture.

    Undercover Swing Cases are available on most makes and models of vehicle and can be installed promptly at any one of LINE-X’s Australian franchise locations.

    Benefits of the Undercover Swing Case System:

    • Easy access with swing action;
    • Lockable and secure;
    • Compatible with most ute tonneau covers;
    • Waterproof, reducing weathering and moisture affecting tools.

    Bakflip Ute Tonneau Covers

    Installing a BAKflip ute tonneau cover provides your ute with a solid tonneau cover that still allows 100% access.

    The hard-top design makes protecting your tools and equipment quick and easy, while ensuring your ute is durable enough to handle the harsh Australian weather. You will be able to secure your load with the BAKflip ute tonneau becoming lockable as long as your ute has a lockable tailgate. This protects your equipment from prying eyes while protecting your tools from weathering and water damage.

    With an easy foldable design, opening and closing your tonneau cover to access your ute storage area becomes a breeze. The full tonneau cover will fold up against the back window of your ute, ensuring you can still load larger items like machinery, recreational vehicles and more.

    Benefits of a BAKflip Tonneau Cover:

    • Hard folding and lockable tonneau covers;
    • Protects tools and equipment from weathering;
    • Stylish flush fit design;
    • Easy access with unique foldable design.

    Upgrade Your Ute Storage Now

    There’s never been a better time to upgrade your ute storage with solutions from LINE-X.

    With multiple stores across the country, LINE-X will work with you to find the perfect storage solutions to suit your requirements. Get in touch for a quote today.

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