Romanian Airport Uses LINE-X on Ground Equipment

Romanian Airport Uses LINE-X on Ground Equipment

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    Essential airport technology isn’t just found in planes.

    Airport ground service equipment like belt loaders and tractors are the unsung heroes of the airport. They transport your baggage, haul jet fuel, move maintenance and service equipment, de-ice the plane, restock snacks and beverages, and service the lavatories – arguably the most crucial step in preparing for modern air travel. 

    Most of us probably don’t think too much about this equipment or how critical it is to keeping airport traffic on schedule. Ground service equipment takes a beating, works long hours and is exposed to harsh weather. Whenever a bumper or side panel is scratched or otherwise damaged, corrosion quickly takes hold. Ongoing maintenance is required to keep equipment in operation. 

    Romanian Airport Services (RAS) has found a solution to this problem. Instead of constantly painting every year, or sooner, they opted to go with a commercial grade protective coating that is tougher and more durable. “Our fleet is extremely important to us, not only in terms of operational capability but also in the image portrayed in front of our clients and passengers,” says Radu Gadea, airport services procurement manager for RAS. “The technical department is constantly performing maintenance, and we have been searching for the latest solution for keeping the fleet operational, plus ‘nice and shiny.'”

    “Everybody noticed how our tractors are scratched by the carts and dollies and how the self-propelled belt loaders are scratched along the body. I wanted a unique, clean look for the equipment, so I researched many coatings, including epoxy paints, industrial coatings, and powder coating.” 

    LINE-X was tested as a potential protective coating solution. “LINE-X provides excellent levels of abrasion and impact resistance; it’s purpose is to protect the paintwork against damage and scratches.” They tested the coating on a TLD JST 30 (a cargo tow tractor). The bottom half was sprayed with LINE-X and put into operation. The result has been stellar so far. “Even in the most massive hits, there are no scratches!” Romania Airport Services plans to apply LINE-X on all tractors and self-propelled belt loaders to avoid future scratches and corrosion. 

    Romanian Airport Services provides a full range of ground and passenger services at all of the country’s major airports, including Otopeni, Baneasa, Oradea, Satu Mare, Craiova, Sibiu, and Suceava, while its core business lies at the Bucharest airports of Otopeni and Baneasa.