Truck Gear Expedition Cooler Challenge

Truck Gear Expedition Cooler Challenge

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    Moab is a sacred destination for Jeep and off-road enthusiasts. This remote section of Utah draws thousands of Jeepers to its rugged trails and stunning vistas every year. It’s also the place we chose to put our 4×4 accessories, Truck Gear by LINE-X Expedition storage cooler to the test.

    Have you ever seen a cooler do this?

    We Dragged It Behind a Jeep.

    Ran It Over With Another Jeep (That Weighed Just Over 7,000 Lbs).

    Stopped for Cold Beverage, of Course.

    And to Recharge Our Phones.

    Then Did It All Again!

    After Five Days of the Harshest Desert Testing We Could Come up With, We Still Have a Cooler That Functions 100%.

    Learn more about the Truck Gear Expedition Cooler and other tough Truck Gear by LINE-X products. While you’re here, check out out other 4×4 accessories also.