5 Benefits of Protective Workshop Floor Coatings

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    One of the first fit-out decisions you’ll make when moving to a new workshop or redesigning your current workshop is deciding on the right workshop floor coating.

    But which floor covering option should you pick?

    Flooring paint, epoxy flooring, protective coating – they all have their benefits.

    Workshop floors need a strong coating that will last many years – no matter the application. They should be able to withstand the rigours of heavy loads and maintain safe conditions for staff and to ensure sustained productivity.

    Warehouses, commercial buildings and industrial sites; many workshops are based on solid concrete floors. While the concrete alone provides a good foundation, to improve the longevity of your flooring and improve chemical resistance, we recommend applying a protective Polyaspartic floor coating.

    Here are six benefits of using protective coatings like ASPART-X for your commercial flooring application.

    1. Installation Method and Return to Service

    workshop floor coating installation return to service

    With the right tools, advice and trained technicians, all workshop flooring installation methods can be completed (for most workshops) within a few days. This allows you to get back to operation quickly with minimal disruption.

    However, when return to service is a vital aspect for your workshop floor coating application, ASPART-X Polyaspartic coatings are the right choice.

    Polyaspartic coatings on average only require a 3 hour set time before foot traffic can return, and 24 hours for vehicle traffic.

    Quick comparison:

    • Polyaspartic Floor Coatings: Foot traffic = 3 hours, Vehicle traffic = 24 hours
    • Workshop Epoxy Floor Coating: Foot traffic = 24 Hours, Vehicle Traffic = 4-7 days
    • Workshop Floor Paint: Foot traffic = 24-48 Hours, Vehicle Traffic 4-7 days

    There is nothing to cut or layout, and no adhesives are required. Floors with protective coating are also easy to clean and maintain, a distinct advantage in factory and workshop settings.

    2. Stain Resistance and Chemical Resistance

    workshop floor coating stain chemical resistance

    One of the major benefits of Polyaspartic coatings compared to epoxy or paint coverings is the extremely high resistance to abrasions and chemicals. Polyaspartic floor coatings are also resistant to oil and water stains.

    This is crucial in workshop settings where spills can occur frequently and where harsh chemicals are used.

    Whenever spills occur, these floors are also very easy to clean – usually only requiring a wipe down or light scrub.

    ASPART-X is also resistant to gasoline, bleach, transition fluid and a wide range of cleaning solutions. It can also withstand heat without sustaining cracks or damage.

    3. Affordability of Workshop Floor Coatings

    workshop floor coating affordability

    As with all businesses operating a workshop in Australia, affordability of your workshop floor coating is a major factor when making the final decision.

    When it comes to costs for the expected life of your floor coating, ASPART-X Polyaspartic coatings provide the longest-lasting option with high abrasion and chemical resistance.

    In layman terms – ASPART-X will last you the longest, saying costly repairs.

    The workshop floor coating can be installed directly on concrete floors by our trained technicians and will be ready for foot and vehicle traffic within 24 hours following application.

    When you choose ASPART-X, you will receive a professional-looking workshop floor coating that will withstand the test of time.

    4. Durability and Length of Life

    workshop floor coating durability

    ASPART-X workshop floor coatings are highly durable.

    The lifespan of protective Polyaspartic coatings is much longer than that of other types of epoxy floor coatings and workshop floor paint.

    As mentioned above, this allows you to go many years without the need for repair or replacement, when other options, such as workshop floor paint requiring recoating regularly.

    The coating protects the concrete floor underneath, making it resistant to stains, moisture and cracks. Since it does not require in-depth cleaning like other floors, this type of floor is much easier to maintain.

    This is especially important in commercial settings where the workshop flooring receives a great deal of wear and tear – especially in large industrial or mining environments.

    5. Workshop Floor Coating Design and Colour Variety

    colour style workshop floor coating

    ASPART-X flooring is available in a variety of styles, colours and finishes. All of these add a unique, flawless and elegant finishing which can be customised to suit the design of your workshop area.

    For your workshop flooring, select from colours and finished such as:

    • A selection of basecoat colours to suit your requirements
    • Flake flooring options to create a unique and attractive finish
    • Take it to the next level with quartz granule combinations
    • Endless custom colour options on request

    Choose ASPART-X Flooring Today

    ASPART-X flooring is the best choice for almost any workshop floor.

    Though some small Australian business owners may be conditioned to use workshop floor paint, once they understand the benefits of ASPART-X coatings, opinions quickly change.

    ASPART-X is made to last long-term and provide the best possible protection, withstanding harsh chemicals, high traffic and the impact from equipment use and dropped objects.

    Have ASPART-X Polyaspartic Coatings applied to your workshop floor today.

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