Arrow Boards

Arrow Boards - Situation

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Arrow boards are one of the most common pieces of equipment in a hire company’s inventory. When construction and other activities causes a lane closure, requiring traffic to merge, arrow boards are deployed as advance warning tools, helping to ensure a safe working environment in a potentially dangerous environment. The trailers used to transport and place the arrow boards experience high degree of corrosion, due in part to the harsh Australian weather conditions. This corrosion was reducing the trailers’ lifespan — thus increasing maintenance costs for the hire company.



The team at LINE-X completely dismantle the trailer and remove the arrow board. The trailer is then sandblasted before priming with FCP. In this case the client required the equipment remain highly visible, so a combination of Red and Yellow tinted LINE-X XS-350 was applied to the entire surface of the trailer. Finally, all running gear is primed and painted to spec before reassembly.

When applied over a properly prepared substrate, LINE-X will eliminate corrosion from the equation, with incredible resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and impact as a bonus.



The client was impressed not just with the finished product, but the speed and efficiency with which the job was completed. LINE-X reduced their maintenance costs, reduced lost profit due to downtime, and provided improved safety and reliability for their own clients.

With limited downtime, and greatly reduced future maintenance, their equipment is ready to serve for the long haul — giving them the peace of mind knowing that the trailers can be left in the elements without succumbing to corrosion.