Your home is a long-term investment. Investing in a suited flooring system to protect your floor not only helps maintain a cleaner, dust-free space (whether it’s internal or external), it helps increase the resell value of your property.

LINE-X has developed a range of floor coatings that last under heavy traffic for years to come. LINE-X Flooring Systems are extremely durable, easy to clean and don’t require regular reapplication. LINE-X Flooring Systems are also designed to resist chemical spills, hot tyre pickup, and many of our options are UV-stable, meaning they won’t fade or yellow in the sun.



LINE-X Flooring Systems yield high chemical and mechanical adhesion to concrete surfaces, creating a permanent bond with the substrate. Using LXFS to protect your floor will result in supreme water, chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance. On top of that, many of our products are Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) resulting in a safer environment for both our applicators and our customers.

A huge aspect of the LINE-X difference is in the preparation work we do. Before the product is applied, the surface is extensively cleaned and prepared by diamond grinding to create an adequate Concrete Surface Profile (CSP). Cracks are then repaired to ensure the surface is in the best possible condition for our products to bond with. The team then performs the application, working quickly, precisely, and with excellent teamwork, the product is applied, cured, and in some cases, ready to walk on in just 3 hours!



The result is a beautiful floor that will stand up to drops, spills, and extremely high traffic for years to come! With highly trained licensed applicators, LINE-X Flooring Systems has what it takes to protect not just your floor, but your investment.