Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants

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From the moment a typical fire hydrant is installed it begins to rust. Maintenance programs to rectify this problem are labour intensive and costly. Left untreated, a hydrant can quickly become unsightly and a safety hazard.


Hydrants are brought into the LINE-X® store where LINE-X professionals carefully protect the various brass fittings and valves before sandblasting, priming, and coating with coloured LINE-X. Units are then top-coated for UV protection.


LINE-X Protective Coatings is the problem solver. Suitable for both wet and dry-barrel design hydrants, on new or old units, LINE-X will provide greatly reduced maintenance and cost savings, with excellent corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance. For municipalities that utilize a colour coding system for available fire flows, etc., this can easily be accommodated as LINE-X can be colour matched to any specification. As well, additional markings can be applied as needed with topcoat stencilling of indicators.


A LINE-X protected fire hydrant can be expected to provide many years of problem free performance. Repainting procedures are eliminated, and a clean aesthetically pleasing appearance is maintained.