Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing

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The Situation

Damp basements are a frequent complaint of homeowners. A majority of new homes develop basement leaks within 10 to 15 years, largely due to the concrete foundation. Because concrete is porous, water can easily permeate deep into cracks and pores causing damage. The best way to prevent water from eroding and penetrating concrete is to seal any pores and cracks with a waterproof membrane on the outside of the foundation.

There are many applications on the market today that claim to be waterproofing, but they are more correctly called damp proofing. Damp-proofing involves a coating, usually asphalt-based, that is either sprayed or hand applied to the outside of a wall. While damp-proofing may seal small cracks it does not seal larger cracks or holes left by form ties. It also becomes brittle with age and cracks as the foundation settles.

Real waterproofing keeps out all moisture and must perform well in three critical areas to be effective: It should fill pores and expand with the settling foundation, be able to withstand water under hydrostatic pressure, and stop water vapor transmission.

The Solution

LINE-X developed XS-310 to meet all three characteristics of an effective waterproofing solution while providing the same toughness and elastic qualities that exemplify the LINE-X brand.

Applying LINE-X XS-310 forms a single waterproofing barrier. XS-310 is a unique formulation designed to penetrate and seal small cracks that could allow water to seep past lesser materials. Additionally, LINE-X XS-310 has a high elasticity which allows it to adjust to a settling foundation without cracking – essential to waterproofing a foundation.

XS-310 commercial coating is sprayed onto the exterior concrete walls of the foundation using a high pressure system. This allows it to literally fill the pores and cracks on the surface, creating a seamless waterproofing barrier. By creating a single impenetrable layer a home’s basement and foundation can stay dry throughout the year.

The Results

The homeowners were absolutely delighted with the results of the LINE-X protective coating application. Their friends and neighbours were equally impressed with the air quality in the finished basement. Thanks to LINE-X waterproofing their basement was finally rid of that distinct “damp basement” odour.

In the summer months the cool and clean smelling basement is an ideal place for neighbourhood kids to escape the heat and humidity outside. During the winter months the basement becomes a warm cosy place that everyone enjoys. Regardless of the season, the basement has become the preferred room in the house.