Mining Tables

Mining Tables

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A vermiculite mining company was experiencing abrasion problems on their four shaker tables. The company needed to protect its 8’x25’ tables from the abrasion and potential corrosion caused by the continual exposure to rock and slurry. Previous attempts at protecting the plywood and pine surfaces included using a paint-like plastic product, but it did not adhere well to the substrate and failed.

The company required a protective coating that would permanently adhere to the substrate and protect against constant abrasion and impact.


The tables, made of plywood and pine, were delivered to the LINE-X shop where the hardware was removed, and the surfaces were sanded to remove any remnants of the previous paint. The tables were then completely encapsulated in XS-100, at an approximate thickness of 120 mil.

Several initial dust passes were made to spray the wood, particularly important since the wood was encapsulated. Next, wet passes were applied to gain thickness. This process allowed the steam to escape and did no allot “blisters and volcanoes” to form.


The four tables were sprayed with LINE-X XS-100 industrial coating, completely encapsulating the pieces. The substrate was wood, and no primer was needed.


LINE-X XS-100 provided excellent impact and abrasion resistance against damage from rock and slurry while the proper preparation of the substrate resulted in excellent adhesion. This process greatly extended the maintenance cycle of the shaker tables.