Paver Deck

Paver Deck

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The Situation

The Hospital & Health system Association of Pennsylvania administration office needed a solution for a second floor deck that was leaking onto the first floor entrance lobby. Built about 25 years ago of a watertight membrane under concrete pavers and epoxy grout, the deck had deteriorated significantly, and grout joints were popping up in some areas allowing water to seep in. Two bronze floor drains were intended to provide a place for the water to drain off the deck.

The customer got a bid of $28-30,000 to have the deck rebuilt using the same materials. Looking to save money they contacted LINE-X®. They needed the coating to stop the water leak, be slip resistant, and complement the look of the building.

The Solution

LINE-X XS-100 protective coating was sprayed in light grey on the floor of the deck and up the walls to create a monolithic, watertight membrane. It was then top coated with LINE-X® XTRA to protect it from direct sunlight.

The deck required two days to complete.

The Procedure

The deck was prepped by grinding down the surface of the concrete pavers with a floor grinder. LINE-X XS-100 was sprayed on the floors, 6” up the wall to the first grout line, and into the floor drains. The grates covering the floor drains were removed and LINE-X was sprayed inside the drains to create a monolithic membrane allowing water to roll off the deck and down the drain. When spraying was complete, LINE-X commercial coating replaced the bronze grates. The XS-100 was sprayed with aggressive texture to maintain skid resistance. The project was top coated with LINE-X XTRA in grey. Two coats were applied to ensure UV stability.

Since the project was on the second floor of the building, a boom lift was utilized to get the E-10 machine and chemical up to the application area. One person monitored the machine while the other sprayed.

The Results

The deck looks great, provides the slip resistance that the customer wanted and no longer leaks. The customer is very pleased with the results, especially since the solution came with a much lower price tag than the quote to have the deck rebuilt using the same materials.