Police K9 Unit

Police K9 Unit

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The Situation

Police dogs, or K-9 officers, are in widespread use across the United States serving at all levels of law enforcement including federal, state, county, and city departments. They are utilized for a wide variety of duties including suspect tracking, search and rescue, weapon and contraband detection.

One common area that is a challenge for K-9 Units is transportation. Specialized police vehicles are used to transport the team between deployments. Police dogs can quickly play havoc on traditional automotive seats. Typically, a police department will purchase a specially adapted container that installs in the rear seat of a K-9 patrol car.

This container is often made of aluminum and needs a tough durable coating for the safety and comfort of the dog. Without a protective defence coating, the aluminum surface would be very slippery for the K-9 officer.

One police department came to LINE-X looking for a safe and suitable solution.

The Solution

In the past, powder coatings were used on the transport containers, but they had the tendency to chip and create ingestion hazards for the dog.

Since LINE-X protective coatings are guaranteed not to bubble, crack or flake, it is the perfect solution to protect the aluminum container and the animal inside. It provides a durable, washable coating that is safe for the dog. It can prolong the life of the container and create a seamless barrier that resists tears, rips and overall wear.

Its textured surface also helps the dog’s grip without sharp points or ridged edges that can cause damage to paws.

The Results

The Sheriff’s department was delighted with the LINE-X LGA coating application.

The polymer coating greatly reduces any potential health risks to the animal. The durable surface can stand up to the power of a large breed dog, protecting both dog and container from harm.

An unexpected benefit is the reduction of road noise. The LINE-X application creates a quieter ride, keeps precious cargo from sliding and resists impact to prevent dents and dings to the container when loading and unloading.

With one simple visit to the local LINE-X dealer, all the wear and worry related to K-9 officer transport is eliminated.

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