Swimming Blocks

Swimming Blocks

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Swimming starting blocks are not only necessary for competitive swimming, but they are a valuable tool for any venue that provides the opportunity to show school pride.

The University of Nebraska purchased stainless steel swimming blocks 30 years ago. Due to the constant contact with chlorinated water, the blocks were suffering from extreme corrosion even though they had been refinished. The corrosion was not only unsightly but was also damaging the blocks limiting the life span of the school investment. The cost of replacement on a school’s limited budget was unfeasible.

LINE-X® offered a quick solution that was cost-effective, provided long lasting results and added the bonus of skid resistant safety features necessary in blocks. Furthermore, the solution presented the University with quality, vibrant starting blocks that screamed school spirit.


Each stainless steel block was removed from its podium and taken to the local LINE-X shop. The blocks were sandblasted; particularly necessary when significant corrosion is evident. Following sandblasting, the blocks were primed with SF-515 for maximum adhesion and coated with LINE-X XS-100 and LINE-X® XTRA, sealing all areas from moisture. The protective coating was 60-70 mils thick throughout.

It was important to keep the blocks in numerical order to be matched to their podium upon reassembly.

LINE-X stencilled the University’s logo and filled stripes with grip tape to further ensure safety for swimmers.


The commercial project required four hours of shop time for each block, including the painting of the stencils. The blocks were primed with LINE-X SF-515, sprayed with LINE-X XS-100 and LINE-X XTRA as a topcoat. Once sprayed, each block was stencilled with the University of Nebraska logo large enough for the crowd to see and a number to signify swimming lanes.


LINE-X provided a unique application to fight corrosion that was customized for the University. The swimming blocks have increased life and aesthetic appeal while also providing the safety element for the swimmers. The University has since turned to LINE-X to protect and restore other school equipment, including metal steps, a 10’x20’ trampoline frame and weight machines.

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