Trike Fenders

Trike Fenders

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Metal or painted fenders show damage easily. Even a small rock will leave a dimple or chip the paint. Enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars ensuring their vehicles look great. Damaged fenders or accessories significantly detract from the look and value of the vehicle.

A local company specializing in trikes and sidecar kits has LINE-X® spray the back fenders, steps and the front fender of their vehicles to protect them from the damage caused by normal driving. The company is so pleased with the LINE-X automotive product, they referred an out-of-town couple to the local store for this application.


This trike was brought into the LINE-X shop. No disassembly was required. The trike was carefully masked to protect areas not being sprayed. Special attention was paid to mimic the curvature of the wheel well with wire trim, so the final product looks professional. Uneven spacing or crooked curves are especially noticeable.

The areas were abraded with 80-grit sandpaper and sprayed about 60- 70 mils thick with coloured LINE-X. Color-coded LINE-X® XTRA was applied last. The bike was completed and back on the road in three days.

Customers also have the option of having LINE-X sprayed on the underside of their fenders to protect from rock chips if they choose.


LINE-X XS-100 provides the right amount of impact protection for the fenders. The LINE-X XTRA was color-coded to match the colour of the fenders and provide added UV stability and gloss retention.


The LINE-X full-vehicle coating protected the trike from damage that might have been caused by rocks and road debris. The colour, gloss and texture add aesthetic value to the trike as well. Both the couple on the road and the company that referred them were very pleased with the results.