Commercial Bedliners

Commercial Bedliners

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    Commercial vehicles endure the roughest, toughest and most challenging jobs across all kinds of industries. But even the harshest situations are no match for the iconic protective power of LINE-X Commercial Bedliners.

    When it comes to companies protecting their commercial vehicles/trucks and utility beds, there is no other alternative.

    While most utility bodies are exposed to substantial abuse, the same material that protects military vehicles in the field from explosive blasts – takes on the roughest jobs with ease. This is particularly true for heavy industrial businesses, such as companies that do large boring and tunneling jobs. LINE-X can be used to significantly reduce repair costs associated with these types of utility bodies. LINE-X Bedliners offer superior protection from impact and abrasion, and can also provide a nice textured surface that can serve as skid resistant surface for employees to safely walk on. LINE-X Bedliners in utility bodies also protect from the regular rock chips, debris and other routine abrasions that usually wear away the thin paint which comes standard on utility bodies. Scratched paint exposes the metal beneath to rust, corrosion and overall and decay resulting in excess costs for repair and replacement of the utility bodies. LINE-X XS-100 fights back with superior protection against abrasion and rock chips. The XS-100 formula also enables options for the applicator to increase texture, thereby providing necessary skid resistant properties for particular uses.

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