Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles

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    Emergency responders are ‘heroes’ in their own right. So it makes sense that only superhero-like protective power for their vehicles will do.

    LINE-X protective coatings – the same scientifically-advanced material that protects the Pentagon, government buildings and military vehicles from bomb blasts – work perfectly for light industry and emergency vehicles. Plywood and aluminum equipment lockers and diamondplate deckplates take a beating from rust, corrosion, abrasion and slip hazards. The maintenance and replacement costs along with liability issues can be a huge hit to the bottom-line. Conventional solutions don’t provide durability or longevity or full spectrum of protection it takes to protect these emergency vehicles.

    Depending on the substrate/construction and existing conditions, a LINE-X Professional will select the appropriate prep materials and techniques. Little more than cleaning and sanding may be required to remove debris and contaminants. Cracks and holes are filled or repaired prior to application of LINE-X and some jobs may involve more in-depth preparation to ensure a successful application. A seamless, durable, professionally applied LINE-X commerical coatings provide a permanently bonded, non-skid armor surface. Cracks, chips and splinters are a thing of the past. No additional repairs or replacement required. When complete, LINE-X dramatically reduces maintenance and repair costs to your equipment with a permanently bonded, watertight, abrasion and chemical resistant barrier, giving these vehicles extended service-life and reduced safety hazards/liabilities.

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