The Ultimate 2021 Custom Modified Toyota Hilux

Custom modified Toyota Hilux by Ronny Dahl.

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    Looking for 4wd accessories and modification to help turn your Toyota Hilux into the ultimate 4×4 off-road vehicle?

    Starting from the bottom up with a durable spray-one ute tray coating from LINE-X Australia, Ronny Dahl highlighted some of his latest Toyota Hilux accessories added to ‘Project Luxy’. From unique ute storage solutions to advanced rock slider side protection, this Toyota Hilux is quickly becoming the envy of the town.

    Watch the Toyota Hilux mods video and find information about the Hilux accessories used on the build below.

    2021 Toyota Hilux Modified by Ronny Dahl

    If you haven’t heard of Ronny Dahl, he’s the legend behind the Ronny Dahl YouTube channel and 4 Wheeling Australia website with hundreds of videos showcasing 4WD mods, guides and accessories. His latest project is ‘Project Luxy’ – a 2021 Toyota Hilux that he’s modifying to create the ultimate 4×4 machine.

    With some aftermarket mods already completed, such as a ute cover, roof rack, driving lights, tyres and wheels, his latest modification to the Toyota Hilux was a range of ute tub mods.

    Ronny Dahl from 4 Wheeling Australia walks you through the latest Toyota Hilux ute storage mods made to Project Luxy in his video below:

    Creating A Durable Ute Tub with A Spray-On Coating

    To start off the ute tub mod video, Ronny chose to have a LINE-X protective bedliner sprayed on his brand new Hilux before opting for a few storage mods such as a Huracan tailgate and Swing Case storage units.

    As mentioned in the video, some of the benefits of adding a protective spray-on coating to your tray include:

    • Added grip to the tray to help reduce movement of your load;
    • Corrosion protection so chemical or petrol spills don’t cause damage to your tray;
    • Rust prevention;
    • Reduce the chance of dents and scratches common on painted trays;
    • Helps reduce noise when transporting tools and gear offroad or on unsealed roads.

    Ronny also has the LINE-X Australia team add the automotive coating to his sports bar, rocks sliders and ute mirrors for added protection offroad – and for the styled matte look.

    Ute liner LINE-X Spray-on coating.

    The List of 4×4 Toyota Hilux Accessories

    Following on from the protective coating being applied to the tray, the Hilux received a few unique aftermarket accessories fitted by LINE-X Welshpool.

    Huracan Ute Tailgate Storage Unit

    When storage space in your ute tray can quickly become a premium, Huracan Fabrication has created the ultimate solution – a ute tailgate storage unit.

    Installed onsite to fit most ute brands and models, the Huracan Fabrication fit perfectly in the Toyota Hilux, making use of the otherwise un-utilised tailgate. The modification is irreversible as a section needed to be cut out of the Hilux tailgate, but once installed, the durable kit is sure to make access to your tools quick and easy.

    As mentioned, Ronny found it useful to keep a few tools, gloves, a survival shovel, tire repair kit and more. The added space is easily accessible with gas struts used to hold it open and carpet lining great for velcro accessories.

    Huracan Fabrications »

    Huracan ute tailgate storage featuring on Toyota Hilux.

    Undercover Swing Case Storage

    If you have a ute, you may commonly find that the space between the wheel arches and tailgate can be difficult to utilise. However, the Undercover Swing Case makes use of this area with a uniquely designed storage solution that swings out, has compartments for easy storage and can be locked to prevent theft.

    The Undercover Swing Case accessory is universal, meaning that it not only was a great solution for this Toyota Hilux, but it can also be used in more makes and models of ute sold in Australia.

    Undercover Swing Case »

    Undercover swing case for Toyota Hilux.

    Uneek 4×4 Rock Sliders

    Finally, on to the durable aftermarket Uneek 4×4 rock sliders which have been coated with LINE-X before installation on the vehicle.

    The primary function of the rock sliders is to protect the body of the vehicle when offroad.

    As Ronny mentioned in the video, it’s important to have rock sliders mounted that protrude the wheels on your vehicle when installed. This will help prevent scratches and dents on your Toyota Hilux when maneuvering around bends and tight corners.

    Uneek 4×4 Range »

    Uneek 4x4 Rock Sliders Toyota Hilux mod.

    Future Toyota Hilux Mod

    Ronny will be coving off a few additional modifications to his Toyota Hilux in future episodes including:

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