Best Boat Flooring Options to Reduce Corrosion & Rust in 2021

Best Boat Flooring Options to Reduce Corrosion & Rust in 2021

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    As a boat owner, you know safety is of high priority.

    The right marine flooring makes all the difference for you and your crew. Boat decking, walkways and galleys can easily become slippery, especially when you’re out fishing or enjoying watersports in Australia.

    There are several marine flooring options available which will help protect your boat. The key is to find the longest-lasting material which is known to reduce rust and corrosion while providing a non-slip surface.

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    Common Boat Flooring Options

    Self-Adhesive Rubber Boat Flooring

    Rubber flooring consists of recycled car tyres, making it an environmentally friendly option. Usually applied with a self-adhesive, rubber flooring is easy to apply and can be easily cut to suit the contour of your vessel.

    Rubber marine flooring is:

    • Easy to install;
    • Slip-resistant, providing traction for wet feet;
    • A comfortable marine decking choice made of a soft material, making it great to stand on shoeless.

    Rubber, however, is not UV stable. Should you dock your boat in a location without shade or covered protection, it will eventually deteriorate and fade. This results in ongoing costs to replace the rubber and maintain your marine flooring.

    Rubber flooring also becomes hot when in direct sunlight which can quickly make it very uncomfortable to walk on.

    Vinyl Boat Flooring

    Vinyl is another (somewhat) common marine deck covering.

    The benefits of vinyl flooring for your boat deck is that:

    • It looks good and is also slip-resistant;
    • Vinyl flooring is more durable than rubber options;
    • It also comes in an array of colours and patterns to suit the interior of your marine vessel;
    • It comes in rolls and the material is easy to cut and contour to your boat;
    • Installation is also relatively quick and easy;
    • Vinyl flooring gives your boat a sleek, modern look. It’s eye-catching in any space.

    However, vinyl flooring is not UV stable, which will cause it to fade over time, which can result in expensive ongoing costs.

    PVC Flooring Tiles

    Like vinyl, PVC tiles are easy to install. They fit together like puzzle pieces and provide a quick way to cover the deck of your boat.

    PVC tiles are:

    • Waterproof;
    • Available in different patterns, making them a versatile marine decking option. Choose from textured or smooth finishes to make your decking stand out;
    • Easily replaceable – simple remove damaged tiles and replace as required.

    Again, PVC tiles are also not UV stable. Like other flooring types, they will fade over time if in direct sunlight.

    Carpet Tiles

    Carpet tiles provide traction, making the floor less slippery especially when wet. They can be easily replaced, removing damaged carpet tiles and replacing it with a new self-adhesive tile.

    Carpet tiles can be used on your boat or marine vessel and:

    • Come in a wide variety of patterns and designs;
    • Are easy to install. Peel off the backing of each tile, and stick it to the surface;
    • Replaceable should a single tile become stained or damaged.

    Carpets are often not very water-resistant.

    The soggy carpet may need to be replaced more often than other flooring types. This becomes even more of an issue if you enjoy fishing, as liquids can stain and cause an unpleasant smell in your boat.

    In addition, not all carpet tiles are UV stable. To avoid fading in direct sunlight, choose a flooring type that contains UV properties.

    Drainage Tiles

    Drainage tiles are a very often choice for avid fishermen, giving liquids somewhere to go during and after fishing.

    Liquids penetrate the drainage tiles, making messes easier to contain. You can spray drainage tiles with a water hose to clean them. Any liquid on top will drain out on the underside.

    Drainage tiles used for marine decking:

    • Are easy to install;
    • Quickly fit into place beside one another and can be removed and replaced as required;
    • Can be cut to fit the shape of your boat deck.

    Drainage tiles are more costly than other flooring tile options such as PVC and carpet tiles, however, are a great option for fishing enthusiasts.

    Boat flooring design options.

    For the most durable and long-lasting marine flooring option, choose LINE-X Polyurea Coatings.

    Your boat is continuously exposed to water, which causes corrosion over time. Rust is harmful to all parts of your boat and should be avoided at all cost.

    LINE-X polyurea floor coatings provide the perfect solution because they are easy to maintain, never crack or peel, and keep your boat floors looking like new.

    Not only do they look great, but they prevent bacteria and algae from forming on your marine deck.

    This is a great option for an easy to clean, non-slip boat flooring surface. Strong and long-lasting, LINE-X polyurea boat coatings hold up to frequent foot traffic and are built to handle high impact and abrasions when heavy objects like boat anchors are dropped.

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    Benefits of LINE-X polyurea coatings

    There are several benefits to choosing LINE-X polyurea protective coatings.

    This boat flooring material provides your marine vessel with a seamless coat, preventing bacteria and other substances from growing in crevasses. As a result, the flooring is easier to maintain over time and will look as good as new for longer.

    LINE-X polyurea floor coatings:

    • Are resistant to harsh chemicals and fuel. Should a spill occur on your marine vessel, it’s easy to clean and won’t damage the flooring.
    • Won’t erode from saltwater. This makes them perfect for use on boats both while docked and out on the sea.
    • Won’t fade. Polyurea contains 100% UV stability. This ensures it will remain the same colour even in harsh temperatures and direct sunlight.
    • LINE-X polyurea floor coatings are tough and smooth. The polymer finish creates a protective barrier that adds traction to your boat floor.

    How are LINE-X Polyurea Coatings Applied?

    How LINE-X boat floor coatings are applied.

    LINE-X protective coatings are applied by our experienced and specialised technicians to ensure a strong and durable coating, at one of many locations in Australia.

    Our installation team will need to apply two layers of polyurea floor coating.

    The first is the colour coat, and the second is clear. Polyurea floors only take one-two hours to harden, don’t bubble, and can be laid in only one day. This is more efficient than epoxy and other similar coatings that take three days to a week to set.

    After installation, LINE-X polyurea floor coatings provide the most durable option for your boat or recreational marine vessel.

    When choosing flooring for your boat, consider which material will last the longest with frequent exposure to saltwater, fishing and diving equipment. LINE-X polyurea floor coating won’t need replacing as frequently as other options, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run, at an affordable price.

    If you’re looking for a protective coating with the most versatility, check out what products LINE-X Australia have to offer. Their coatings will keep your boat flooring looking great while guarding against rust and corrosion.

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