Ultimate Tradie Van Storage and Fitout Ideas


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    Tired of seeing different types of screws, nails or tools mixed up? Or have you ever wasted time looking for a measuring square you’ve had for a long time, bought a new one, only to find the old one somewhere in your van a few days later?

    Whether you’re a carpenter, electrician, plumber or any other tradie, van organisation is key to a stressless day out and about. With the right storage system, ensuring all your tools and supplies are safely stored in the right places becomes a lot easier.

    If you think your tradie van setup could benefit from custom shelving, van racking and other van fitout ideas, there are plenty of solutions available. To help you out, below is a list of fitout and van storage ideas you should consider when creating the ultimate tradie ute fitout.

    1. Van barriers

    One of the most important aspects of any tradie van fitout is the installation of a barrier designed to provide protection for you and your passengers.

    Putting a barrier between your van’s cabin and your tool and equipment or storage area will help contain any loose cargo, materials, supplies or tools. This way, even when you’re driving on rough or hilly terrain, everything in your van will stay put.

    2. Van racking and racking accessories

    Van racking and racking accessories can help professional tradies keep their tools and consumables safe and organised while on the road, offsite and onsite.

    There are different types of racking bays, shelf and drawer configurations, dividers, sorting bins, custom tool holders, and heavy-duty removable van boxes. Essentially, there’s an endless range of van accessories to solve every type of tradie storage problem.

    Whether you’re a builder, tiler, plasterer or landscaper, you’re sure to benefit from a properly kitted-out van racking system. Other tradies like painters and decorators, locksmiths and mobile dog groomers can also maximise space in their van with the right racking accessories such as shelving units, drawers and roof racks.

    Shelving units

    High-quality proper shelving is every hardworking tradie’s best friend. With the right shelving units, you’ll get your tools, materials and parts neatly organised. This way, anytime you need a tool or part, you won’t have to waste time searching through a disorganised, tangled mess.

    You can even take storage a step further by installing trade-specific modular adjustable shelving kits. These space-efficient units give you just the right amount of storage for specific tools, parts and materials.


    Van storage drawers make organising all your tradie ‘stuff’ up a notch by maximising storage space and capacity. You can designate specific drawers for different parts and ensure you place equipment and tools you use more frequently in the most accessible sections of your van.

    You can even have a false floor made to work as extra storage space using drawers with heavy-duty runners and slam locks. Here, you can keep odd-sized tools or cargo in a safe and convenient section of your van.

    Roof racks

    Another ingenious way to maximise your van’s tool and equipment carrying capacity is by adding a roof rack. For example, you can use robust Rhino-Rack products (roof racks and crossbars) for securely keeping spare tyres, high-lift jacks, awnings, light bars, shovels and other oddly-shaped items.

    For your peace of mind, you can use restraint straps and cable locks to secure your load.

    3. Lighting

    Be safe as you work and find everything you need easily with the right vehicle lighting.

    Aside from all the lights that come with your van, you’ll need task lighting or lights that are designed to assist you in performing different tasks. This is where strategically positioned interior lighting comes in.

    You can have LED interior lights fitted into your van and have the option to have them separately switched on or connected with the rest of your interior lights. On the exterior of your van, we recommend long-lasting Halogen lighting options to provide optimum light when working at night.

    Whether you need work lights, beacons, warning lights, reverse warning alarms and even inverters or additional power outlets, you can also have these installed during the fitout process.

    4. Flooring improvements

    An important aspect of tradie van safety and durability is the flooring.

    Today, you can choose from a range of flooring materials, such as plywood, rubber, carpet, vinyl or non-slip treads. With the right flooring, you can stress less over your toolboxes and other cargo sliding out of place while your van is on the move.

    For the most durable flooring available, we recommend applying a protective spray-on liner. The liner works as a barrier to prevent scratches, water damage, and reduce the impact of any chemical or fuel spills.

    5. Ramps

    There may be times when you’ll need to move cargo, equipment or certain materials up or down your van. Rolling cargo becomes a breeze with the right ramp. Opt for versatile bi-fold ramps that can be extended and have a non-slip surface for added safety.

    6. Window additions and enhancements

    Do you need an additional window system or simply a better one that complements the work you do perfectly?

    There are window solutions available for fixed and sliding van windows. If you need to change the glass in any of your existing van windows, left, right, front or rear, adjustments can be made for your specific needs.

    With the right window solution, you can enjoy more natural light entering your van, get rid of blind spots and have a bigger view all around. Aside from enhancing your windows, you can also have them custom tinted or replaced to better withstand impacts from sudden braking or road accidents.

    7. Protective coating

    Working as a tradie in Australia can get tougher with extreme weather conditions.

    As the season’s change, your vehicle takes a beating from the harsh sunlight, heavy rains and strong winds, so it can get worn long before its time. But with the right protective coating and even full-body vehicle coatings, your van will no longer be at the mercy of the elements and have a longer lifespan.

    Get your tradie van in order

    If you need to get your tradie van organised ASAP, a van fitout is the perfect solution that will get you all the customisation options you need to have your very own ultimate tradie portable tool shed.

    With the right racking and shelving unit, drawers, boxes, cases and accessories, your life as a carpenter, plumber, electrician or any type of tradie is sure to get easier and safer.

    Keep your tools, supplies and other materials well-organised, secure and accessible with the ultimate tradie van storage and fitout ideas from LINE-X Australia.

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