Bus Luggage Compartment

Bus Luggage Compartment

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The Situation

Customers of a bus company frequently complained that bags stored in the luggage compartment were being damaged during transit.

While the interior of the luggage compartment is often out of sight from passengers, the damage they inflict to passenger baggage is very obvious.

The compartment was also a constant source of maintenance, requiring regular sanding and painting.

The company came to LINE-X looking for a solution that could not only improve customer service but also enhance the company’s image and reduce maintenance costs.

The Solution

LINE-X Spray-On Protective Coatings are specifically designed to handle a variety of diverse applications under a variety of different conditions, including the specific requirements of the bus company. The application had to create a compartment that was maintenance free, impact resistant, non-skid and watertight.

LINE-X used its nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material, XS100, providing the same toughness and elasticity for which LINE-X is known. Engineered to withstand cracking, peeling, and abrasion like scrapes and scratches from heavy luggage, LINE-X can not only protect the interior of the luggage compartment but the luggage itself.

By creating a single, continuous protective barrier in a heavy texture, LINE-X can deliver superior slip resistance in both wet and dry environments, effectively helping to hold luggage in place.

The Results

The company successfully resolved its customer service issues. Baggage in the luggage compartment was held more securely in place keeping damage to a minimum.

The LINE-X application not only reduced customer complaints but also diminished maintenance costs.

Continuous sanding, painting and rust proofing within the compartment is no longer necessary.

The whole compartment now has a professional appearance and superior slip, impact and abrasion resistance.

The bus company is so pleased with the results that they plan to use LINE-X as a standard application in the future.