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A bus retrofitting company was in need of a waterproof membrane for its double-decker tour buses. The top deck of these buses, made of wood, was open therefore exposing the wood to rain and other outdoor elements. Not only is there the problem of deterioration of the wood from the elements, once the wood starts to deteriorate it results in water leaking down into the lower level of the bus. Repairs for these problems can be costly and require extensive downtime resulting in loss of revenue.

The retrofitting company needed a solution that would provide a moisture barrier for their buses, preventing water damage and leakage. They also needed the solution to be time efficient preventing extensive downtime.


During the original process of the retrofitting of the vehicles, the bus company installed a new wood substrate for the flooring of the upper deck. This wood was prepped for LINE-X® protective coating application by lightly sanding it and patching screw holes with Bondo to provide an even surface. Recommended application thickness is at least 60 mils. Working with the customer, LINE-X learned a thicker application was not necessary to achieve the company’s goals, therefore LINE-X was able to cut the material usage in half saving the customer money. Currently the project uses about 850 XP-1 strokes, or 80 pounds of chemical per bus.


LINE-X XS-100 was used on the wood substrate. The floor of the upper deck was sprayed; LINE-X adheres well to this type of wood. The stairs between the two levels were not coated. The entire project required approximately five manhours to complete.


LINE-X provided a moisture barrier for the buses that prevents wood deterioration and leakage while it also looks aesthetically pleasing to consumers. The entire process took approximately one day preventing extensive downtime.

LINE-X has been performing this application regularly with no reported problems. In fact, the bus company is so pleased they now use LINE-X as a standard application on all of their buses.