The County Public Works Department resurfacing spreader required continuous repair each year. Since the spreader is used only a few months of the year, the department was forced to park it outdoors in the elements the remaining several months. The spreader would rust and corrode requiring extensive repair before use the following year. Public Works sought a solution for this ongoing costly problem.


This local municipality looked to LINE-X® to coat the hopper of the spreader. The plan was to apply the LINE-X protective coating to the continual wear areas of the hopper thus protecting the metal substrate from rust and corrosion, saving the department a great deal of money each year.


The spreader was etched to a “White Blast” removing all rust and contaminants. After masking all areas not being coated, the LINE-X SF-515 primer was applied to ensure maximum adhesion and corrosion protection. Once the primer window opened, the LINE-X XS-350 was applied (XS-350 was chosen over the XS-100 due to the vehicle’s heavy service environment). The LINE-X was applied approximately 125 mils thick.


LINE-X provided a high impact and abrasion resistant coating to the resurfacing spreader to prolong the life of the hopper. This procedure allowed the spreader to be parked outside when not in use without worry of rust and corrosion, saving the department money and downtime for repairs each year.