A church’s baptistry is the centre piece to perhaps the most sacred celebration of faith. It is also an enormous investment. Over time and through continual use it can deteriorate. Cracks and chops aren’t just unsightly, they cause leakage, compromising the structural integrity of the entire area, requiring costly repairs and replacement. Mineral deposits and build-up can be nearly impossible to remove, turning the centre of celebration into an eyesore. There are few alternatives available to restore the investment and fewer that provide viable, long-term remedies.


Depending on the substrate/construction and existing conditions, a LINE-X professional will select the appropriate prep materials and techniques. Little more than cleaning and sanding may be required to remove debris and contaminants. Cracks and holes will be filled or repaired prior to the application of LINE-X protective coating. Some jobs may involve more in-depth preparation to ensure a successful application.


A seamless, durable, professionally applied LINE-X coating provides a permanently bonded, non-skid surface that creates a water-tight seal. The fine, even texture and virtually unlimited colour selection will restore the beauty of your baptistry and provide years of maintenance-free service. No additional repairs or replacement required. Reduced maintenance and repair costs, extended service-life. Durable, non-skid surface.


With a permanently bonded, watertight, abrasion-resistant, non-skid surface you will enjoy years of maintenance-free operation and out of pocket savings. The durable good looks will restore your facilities to better than new.