The Situation

Parks and Recreation departments have an ongoing challenge to sustain public recreation areas while maintaining the aesthetics of the parks. One common area that could benefit from an improved solution is trash collection. Accessible and well maintained trash cans are a crucial part of keeping parks clean.

Given what people throw away, these cans quickly become full of water, soda, food waste and other corrosive liquids. As a result, the cans become difficult to clean and may rust from the inside out. Similarly, the outside of trash cans receive rough treatment from the public and trash disposal companies. The typical rolled-on paint job quickly becomes scraped which causes additional rust on the exterior of the can.

One city came to a local LINE-X franchise looking for new solutions to improve the look and durability of their trash cans.

The Solution

LINE-X can offer a unique multipurpose solution to this problem. Because LINE-X products are shipped and stored in 55-gallon drums, and eventually discarded, they are the perfect medium for converting into trash cans.

Once these drums are empty they are discarded through a recycling or reconditioning service. For this application, these drums can be cleaned and repurposed into full service trash cans. Utilising recycled LINE-X barrels is a creative and resourceful way to solve the city’s trash can problem.

Regardless of which barrel is used, LINE-X is a perfect solution for protective coating the inside and outside of these high use trash cans. Not only can the durable coating prevent rust and corrosion, it can withstand the abrasion of the grappling arms used by garbage trucks.

The Results

The city was very pleased with the results. They utilised the recycled LINE-X barrels and now have high capacity trash cans with a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish.

As a result of the LINE-X commercial coatings, the expected lifespan of the trash barrels is 3-5 years longer than the average painted can.

This application benefited both the city and the LINE-X franchise, the durable LINE-X coating provided the necessary corrosion protection and offered a “green” solution to the city park.