Commercial HVAC Unit

Commercial HVAC Unit

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Commercial HVAC units are a major investment for businesses. Over time, drip pans rust, corrode and eventually leak. “Ponding” and seepage lead to leakage into interior spaces. The resulting structural and cosmetic damage can cost a fortune to repair. Mould removal and abatement, lost time and use, all take their toll on your Bottomline. Replacing the drip pans can often require taking the unit out of service completely. In many cases, the unit may have to be removed just to gain access for repairs and replacement.

Water intrusion into the interior structure can cause extensive damage to ceiling tiles, sheet rock, furnishings, fixtures and contents. In some cases the damage may be irreversible.


Depending on the substrate/construction and existing conditions, your LINE-X store will select the appropriate prep materials and techniques. Little more than cleaning and sanding may be required to remove debris and contaminants. Cracks and holes will be filled or repaired prior to application of LINE-X.


A seamless, durable, professionally applied LINE-X protective coating provides a permanently bonded, water-tight barrier. Applied directly over the existing foam insulation, thermal properties remain intact, preventing build-up of condensation. Water is contained without seepage and leakage that can damage the surrounding or underlying structure. LINE-X is applied in place, eliminating the need for costly re-installation of industrial equipment.


Dramatically reduced maintenance and repair costs through a permanently bonded, water-tight, abrasion resistant barrier offering years of maintenance-free operation and out of-pocket savings.