Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

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Commercial refrigeration units are a major investment for your business. Gasses and by-products given off by spoiled contents will lead to rust and corrosion, eventually destroying the floors and walls. Maintenance let alone replacement costs can be enormous. With health department oversight, the condition is of paramount importance. Chemical and biological contamination can bring business to a screeching halt. Other commercially available solutions fall short of providing a viable long-term remedy.


Depending on the substrate/construction and existing conditions your LINE-X® professional will select the appropriate prep materials and techniques. Little more than cleaning and sanding may be required to remove debris and contaminants. Cracks and holes will be filled or repaired prior to the application of LINE-X protective coatings. Some jobs may involve more in-depth preparation to ensure a successful application.


A seamless, durable professional applied LINE-X commercial protective coating provides a permanently bonded, non-skid surface that creates a non-reactive barrier to the gasses and fluids that can destroy your investment. No additional repairs or replacement required.


Dramatically reduced maintenance and repair costs to the equipment. With a permanent bonded, watertight abrasion and chemical resistant barrier the company has continued to enjoy years of maintenance free operation and out-of pocket savings.