Cruise Ship Shower

Cruise Ship Shower

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The Situation

The Cruise Industry is a challenging customer for both environmental and financial reasons. The marine environment where the ships typically operate is warm and humid. This puts corrosion and mould prevention at a premium. Additionally, the ships only make money for the owners when they are underway with passengers embarked. This makes in-port maintenance time a premium.

Recently a franchise had the opportunity to demonstrate what a LINE-X commercial protective coating could do for crew shower facilities onboard a cruise ship in Florida. Originally, the fiberglass shower pans had a gel coat surface, but that coating had worn away due to high use. The shower pans were also a constant challenge to keep clean due to water seepage from behind the fiberglass shell.

The Solution

The franchise created a waterproofing membrane in the fiberglass shower pan using a tinted LINE-X XS-350. This addressed both water leakage and provided a tough surface that would withstand the aggressive cleaning necessary to keep this area of the ship sanitary.

A very high texture was applied for optimum slip resistance. On top of the waterproof membrane they applied a colour matched ASPART-X top coating giving the showers a clean professional look.

The Results

The maintenance crew was thrilled with the process and product. They were blown away with the consistency and the slip resistant characteristics of the LINE-X protective coatings. The crew was very pleased with the job of the LINE-X franchise, they immediately began talking about other possible applications around the ship. Several of the crew also came by and were excited to see their “new” shower.

By creating the waterproof membrane, these showers are better equipped for high use without the frequent maintenance they once needed. This solution helps the ship’s crew to effectively spend their time on other in-port projects and saves the cruise line money over time.