Delivery Truck Bumpers

Delivery Truck Bumpers

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Bumpers on the delivery trucks of an Iowa-based beer distributor were being corroded during normal driving conditions. Rocks and debris easily chipped the thin paint exposing the steel underneath. Salt, tar and other harsh road chemicals were then able to corrode the metal bumper, compromising its integrity and appearance. This situation forced the beer distributor to repaint
the bumpers every year.

The distributor required a product with high abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance capabilities that would complement the image of their trucks. The client also required minimal downtime and significant reduction in maintenance.


The bumpers were removed from each delivery truck in three pieces. One bumper set was completed at a time. Each piece was white blasted prior to the client delivering the project. The metal was primed with SF-515 and sprayed the same day. LINE-X® automotive coating material was sprayed approximately 70 mils thick on the front and the back of each piece to achieve appropriate levels of impact and abrasion resistance. LINE-X XTRA® was applied in black, providing superior gloss retention and UV stability to accommodate the client’s aesthetic requirements.

The application process, from delivery of the pieces to when the bumpers were ready to be replaced on the trucks was complete in approximately one day.


The delivery truck bumpers were coated with LINE-X XS-100 and LINE-X XTRA. Application was completed in eight hours.


LINE-X XS-100 and LINE-X XTRA met all the client’s requirements for strength, durability and looks. The job was completed, and the bumpers were ready for use in eight hours, allowing for no change in daily operations.