Dialysis Clinic

Dialysis Clinic

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The Situation

Dialysis is an artificial means of removing waste and water from the blood of people experiencing reduced or failed kidney function. Typically, an individual requiring dialysis will visit a clinic three times a week.

Dialysate is the main chemical used in dialysis and is very corrosive. Epoxy and vinyl floor coatings fail because any spilled or leaked dialysate penetrates the coating and attacks the underlying concrete floor.

When the failure is ignored, moisture leaks down to lower floors and walls leading to more damage.

To address this damage, a dialysis clinic called on LINE-X to offer a solution.

The Solution

LINE-X created a chemical and waterproof membrane on the floor and walls using LINE-X XS-310.

Before spraying, the LINE-X team repaired the damaged areas of the concrete floor. Then XS-310 was applied to the floor and 5 feet high along the wall at a thickness of 1/8th inch. This protected the area from chemical spills and water leakage while providing a tough surface that would withstand repeated use and maintenance.

A layer of ASPART-X protective floor coating was applied to allow for easy clean-up. This would ensure that the dialysis area maintained proper sanitation for patients.

The Results

The dialysis centre was very pleased with the process and the product. The LINE-X XS310 held up flawlessly to frequent dialysate spills and has protected lower floors from becoming receptacles for leaking chemicals.

The LINE-X team repaired and restored the concrete floor to its proper condition. With the installation of LINE-X commercial floor coating, this floor will maintain its condition for many years to come, saving the clinic from costly repairs.

By adding ASPART-X, the dialysis area is much easier for nurses and staff to clean. A dialysate spill is no longer a major disruption to the daily schedule of the clinic.