Drum Shell

Drum Shell

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A leading custom drum manufacturer was experiencing issues with their drums being scratched and damaged due to the continuous packing/unpacking at each tour stop as well as during travel and shipping. This is an industry challenge that all drum manufacturers contend with. Scratches in the paint of the drum shells lead to poor presentation on-stage. In the entertainment industry image is everything. Having a reputation for their custom colour offerings, the drum manufacturer needed a solution that would not only protect the drums from damage but was also scratch resistant protecting the custom colour finish they were well known for. The current method of using standard auto paint did not protect against damage or scratches. This method also required frequent maintenance wasting valuable time and money.


Prepping the drum shell included the standard tape and masking process of the inside of the drum. The material being sprayed was wood therefore required no primer. The drum shells were balanced on a dowel for continuous rotating throughout spraying. A pigmented LINE-X® XS-100 was used followed by color-coded LINE-X® XTRA for added protection.

Each drum shell takes approximately 5 minutes to spray with at least 5 drum shells in each set.


Since the drum manufacturer is recognized as the leader in the industry for their colour options in custom drums, the store used a pigmented XS-100 followed by LINE-X XTRA with DuPont™ KEVLAR® for added protection and to give gloss to the finish. This combination provided the colour match, stability and UV protection necessary to maintain the quality standards of the drums.


The manufacturer was completely satisfied with the results. LINE-X protective coatings protect the drum shells from damage and scratches while saving the manufacturer time and money in maintenance. Additionally, the drums now provide better acoustics due to the sound absorption as a result of the LINE-X. The manufacturer has since requested LINE-X to spray their drum’s fabric carry cases as well.