Dump Truck Rail

Dump Truck Rail

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Dump and spreader bodies look great when they’re brand new, but they quickly deteriorate under normal use. Aggregate and other haul material exits the spreader body and lands on the sloping edges, chipping the thin paint and exposing the steel underneath to rust. The rusty, damaged look of the body also weakens the company image and association with quality.

Repainting costs approximately $2,400 each year and requires the vehicle to be out of commission for a week. Losing $100 per hour in revenue adds up quickly.

Customers are looking for corrosion protection, durability and aesthetic appeal to maintain the company image that is more cost effective than traditional painting.


Bodies can be sprayed with LINE-X® on the sloping edges or on the entire outside of the bed. Those that have been painted by the OEM require heavier abrasion, as OEM paint typically isn’t adhered to the steel as well as it needs to be for LINE-X. Once the etch profile is achieved, SF-515 primer is applied to enhance bonding properties. White LINE-X XS-100 industrial coating is then applied at approximately 100 mils to provide adequate impact and abrasion resistance, followed by white LINE-X® XTRA according to the procedures for light colours.

The application is allowed to dry in the booth before it is ready for the customer. The dump truck is back in the field in 48 hours.


Working with a local manufacturer, the LINE-X Franchise is able to offer the LINE-X protective coating upgrade on all spreader and dump bodies sold. The top and bottom rails along with the step are sprayed in white XS-100 with XTRA.


Both the equipment manufacturer/retailer and the end customers are very impressed with the LINE-X coating. The corrosion protection and durability of LINE-X provides a much longer maintenance cycle—at least 300%—in less time, at a lower overall cost while providing an aesthetically appealing solution keeping with the company image.