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Emergency Vehicles

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Plywood and aluminium equipment lockers. Diamond plate deck plates. They take a beating. You need protection from rust, corrosion, abrasion, slip hazards. The maintenance and replacement costs along with liability issues can be a huge hit to your bottom-line. Conventional solutions just don’t provide durability or longevity. They don’t give you a full spectrum of protection. It takes


Depending on the substrate/construction and existing conditions, your LINE-X® Professional will select the appropriate prep materials and techniques. Little more than cleaning and sanding may be required to remove debris and contaminants. Cracks and holes will be filled or repaired prior to application of LINE-X. Some jobs may involve more in-depth preparation to ensure a successful application. Count on your LINE-X Professional to provide a custom solution, whatever your needs.


A seamless, durable, professionally applied LINE-X protective coating provides a permanently bonded, non-skid surface. Cracks, chips and splinters are a thing of the past. No additional repairs or replacement required. Reduced maintenance and repair costs, extended service-life. Reduced safety hazards/liabilities.


Dramatically reduced maintenance and repair costs to your equipment. With a permanently bonded, watertight, abrasion and chemical resistant barrier, you will enjoy years of maintenance-free operation and out of-pocket savings.