Dump Truck

Dump Truck

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A service company used a fleet of dump trucks but found that the materials being hauled in the trucks caused serious damage to the truck beds. The materials eroded the paint and exposed the bare metal underneath to the risk of rust. The contents of the loads also dented the floors, making it increasingly difficult to get the material to slide out completely. This resulted in increased maintenance cycles and upkeep costs.

The service company purchased a new truck with an 8’x10’ dump bed and wanted to increase the life of the equipment without affecting performance. They required a product that would protect against corrosion, rust and dents while also allowing the material being hauled to slide out when necessary.


The dump truck was sandblasted at a local facility and brought to the LINE-X shop. At a minimum, dump trucks should be commercial blasted, but a white blast is the preferred method for high impact applications. The vehicle was primed using SF-515 and the product was allowed to flash. The first layer of CU-400 was then applied in red as a wear indicator, followed by CU-400 in black once the red layer had gelled.

CU-400 is an industrial coating specially designed to resist excessive impact and abrasion. The wear indicator provides a visual cue for fleet managers: when the red layer begins to show through the black layer, it is time to recoat. This process extends the life of the bed indefinitely.

The dump truck was delivered back to the customer and ready for unrestricted use in 48 hours.


LINE-X CU-400 was applied to the floor of the sandblasted and primed dump truck in two layers: red and black. The application can be completed in one business day.


LINE-X CU-400 protective coating provided the protection against impact, abrasion, corrosion and rust that the client required while still allowing material to slide out of the truck when necessary. As an added bonus, the wear indicator (red layer) alerts the company if the CU-400 needs to be refreshed before it affects the bed of the truck.