Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks

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The Situation

Fire apparatus companies around the globe manufacturer purpose built trucks and vehicles that help save lives and property. Their customers, the fire departments, often require customized vehicles that not only function properly but make their jobs in the field safer, easier and more effective. These trucks are used to get personnel, safety equipment, water and other supplies to fire scenes quickly. This means the trucks will constantly be subjected to high traffic of people and equipment being loaded or unloaded, which can cause parts to wear. Additionally, these fire trucks
will be subjected to environments with a lot of water or other chemicals used to extinguish fires which leads slick surfaces, and component rusting and corrosion. One of the most important aspects of manufacturing a quality product is ensuring that each piece of equipment performs as specified day in and day out. Protecting and prolonging the life expectancy of truck components is vital.

The Solution

LINE-X was identified as the preferred commercial coating solution for these conditions and ideal for prolonging the life of fire truck components. Working with both the end-user (Ex. New York Fire Department) and several fire truck manufacturers, LINE-X strives to ensure our protective coatings meet or exceed the needs specified. Common applications include: Interior and top of cabs for abrasion and skid-resistance, side cabinets/storage compartments for abrasion and impact resistance, hose lay area for abrasion, rust and corrosion prevention, as well as bumpers and steps for abrasion, UV protection and slip-resistance.

Each component is typically coated individually prior to final assembly. We ensure that the LINE-X formula and application specifications (ie. coating thickness) chosen are best suited for each components needs (ie. abrasion protection). Additionally, we work to create solutions that fit directly within each manufacturers’ process focused on streamlining production, integrating within existing paint prep procedures, and promoting coating adhesion.

The Results

LINE-X XS-100, XS-350 and XS650 protective coatings have proven to be an ideal solution utilized on fire trucks across the country. Focusing on a seamless integration with each manufacturer’s production process, we have complimented their continued efforts on innovation, quality and providing custom vehicle solutions per each fire department’s need. LINE-X coatings have helped prolong the life of expectancy of their product and decrease product part field failures. Many of our manufacturing partners have been successful utilising LINE-X for over 5 years without major coating failure.