Full Body Truck

Full Body Truck

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The Situation

Pickup trucks are multi-purpose vehicles that are frequently subjected to harsh environments, conditions, and workloads when hauling, towing, and off-roading. These diverse outdoor environments commonly cause rust, corrosion, paint scratches, body dings, and general body wear and tear.

Truck owners looking to prolong the life of their investment require a durable full-body coating solution that can withstand the abuse of the extreme conditions pickups are exposed to. Additionally, overall aesthetics are very important as many owners desire rugged durability and an aesthetic exterior coating for daily driving.

The Solution

LINE-X’s ULTRA aliphatic polyurea formula was chosen as it is an extremely durable automotive protective coating that can pigmented virtually any colour. Additionally, LINE-X ULTRA’S aliphatic technology is UV stable and applied with a fine texture to create a clean, aesthetically pleasing finish.

To start, various parts of the truck such as bumpers, grill, mirrors, bed, tailgate, factory badges trim pieces were dissembled and/or removed prior to spraying. All areas not receiving the coating were masked off to minimize overspray. The metal surfaces were then prepared by sanding, cleaning, and priming (using LINE-X XPM or Fast Cure Primer) to maximize coating adhesion.

LINE-X ULTRA was then applied at high-temperature and high-pressure using industry exclusive specialized equipment at approximately 10-15 mils thick. Once cured, masking materials were carefully removed, and truck parts were reassembled after spraying the 4×4 accessories.

The Results

The LINE-X ULTRA coating has proven to be an ideal solution to date for prolonging the life of expectancy of the truck and eliminating owner concerns about rusting, scratching, chipping and other weaknesses common of OEM paint. Additionally, ULTRA has reduced the overall maintenance of the vehicle as there is no longer the need to wax, seal, or polish as is required with automotive paints.

After a year and half, the full body truck sprayed (pictured) shows zero signs of fading, scratching, or other blemishes despite 30,000 hard driven miles and daily abuse of construction jobsites, off-roading in extreme desert environments, and exposure to mountain snow and salty roads.