Goldmine Tanks

Goldmine Tanks

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Seven gold mine leachate tanks manufactured in Argentina; Newfound-land were being corroded due to the hard chemicals used in mining. Aggregates in the tanks, such as heavy metal, rocks and ore were causing abrasion to the tanks. Client specifications demanded a high performance protective coating that included chemical and abrasion resistance, durability, tensile properties, shore hardness, adhesive capabilities and elongation properties to protect the tanks from cracking or chipping during transport.


Each tank was places on its side. LINE-X used industrial coatings for the floor of each tank and 6’ up the sides. LINE-X coated three baffles in each tank: 1-1 1/2’ high and 26’ long on both sides. The launder on top of each tank was also coated and ranged in size from tank to tank.

The inside of each tank was sand-blasted. The area for LINE-X was primed with XPM primer. Located on the bottom of each tank were nineteen 8” holes used to pour concrete through once on-site for tank stabilisation. A 2’ diameter circle around each hole was left to be welded on-site. These holes would be filled by the client on-site with a rubbed compound after welding. To format the 2’ circles, LINE-X created cardboard circles and attached to the tanks. Once each job was completed, the cardboard circles were removed with no cutting involved.


Seven tanks were sprayed with 12 sets of XS-350 and 15 gallons of XPM Primer. Each tank was primed in one day and coated with 1/4” of XS-350 the following day.


LINE-X XS-350 met all of the demanding criteria needed to complete the job. The superior elongation properties of XS-350 allowed the tanks to be places on a barge and transported without being damaged.