Heavy Equipment Trailer

Heavy Equipment Trailer

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A construction company was in need of a new heavy equipment trailer. The trailer they owned had been exposed over a long period of time to heavy wear and corrosion. Unfortunately, the company’s budget did not allow for new purchases. As an alternative to purchasing a new heavy equipment trailer, the company decided to refurbish their existing trailer.

The upgrades needed for refurbishment included corrosion protection, abrasion resistance and aesthetic improvement. LINE-X® was chosen for its ability to meet the requirements in all categories.


The steel trailer was brought to the local LINE-X shop after having been white blasted to remove paint and contaminates. The substrate was then cleaned and primed with SF-515 to aid in bonding. Natural LINE-X XS-100 was pigmented yellow and sprayed onto the substrate. All areas were at least 130 mils thick, while high impact areas were sprayed up to 225 mils thick. The entire application was industrially coated with LINE-X® XTRA in yellow. The entire application was completed in two days.


LINE-X XS-100 was pigmented yellow and used to refurbish and protect the equipment against corrosion and abrasion. For aesthetic improvement and to provide added UV stability, LINE-X XTRA was added colour matched to meet exact colour specifications.


LINE-X protected the trailer from corrosion, abrasion and impact that resulted from heavy daily use in a construction environment over a long period of time. LINE-X XTRA provided superior colour matching and UV stability. The construction company was very pleased with the end result and that LINE-X provided them with an alternative to purchasing new equipment saving them a large sum of money.