Loading Ramp

Loading Ramp

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The Situation

For delivery companies, safety is always a concern. One particular area of concern is the safety and stability of the metal ramps used to move heavy items in and out of delivery trucks or trailers.

In cold and wet weather conditions these ramps become slippery and potentially dangerous. An icy ramp can be a liability for both personnel injury and damage to transported goods. One trucking company tried a variety of coating solutions including slip resistant adhesives, slip-resistant paint and other do-it-yourself coatings before trying LINE-X.

None of these do-it-yourself products could meet the demands of a high-use commercial truck making more than 100 deliveries a day. The company came to LINE-X in need of a long lasting, durable solution that would provide excellent traction in slippery conditions.

The Solution

LINE-X was able to provide a tough and elastic protective coating solution by using its nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material, XS-100. The combination of LINE-X XS-100 with Aluminum Oxide grit created a superior and long lasting slip-resistant surface.

The customer delivered the ramps to the LINE-X applicator to have a slip resistant surface applied. The LINE-X applicator sandblasted the ramps, discharged all contaminates and primed the loading ramps with LINE-X FCP Primer.

An initial thick layer of LINE-X XS-100 was applied. Then the walking surface was covered in Aluminum Oxide grit for maximum texture and a slip resistant finish. A final coat of LINE-X XS-100 was applied to complete the application.

The Results

The delivery company loves the results of this LINE-X application. Now their delivery truck loading ramps are safer for all workers, provide extra grip in inclement weather and are better protected from abrasion, corrosion and over-use.

The company also benefits from the durable and professional appearance of the ramp. The LINE-X application helps improve their reputation on the road conveying an image of reliability, quality and customer service. Their customers also appreciate the care and attention taken to keep employees and packages safe.