Lift Gates

Lift Gates

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Corrosion damage occurs on all unprotected lift gates and can result in pitting and eventually functional impairment. One of the most common methods of minimizing corrosion, powder coating, provides a barrier to rust but is easily chipped or scratched exposing the metal beneath to rusting from the inside out. A skid resistant surface is also an important attribute of any lift gate, especially when moving items or loaded carts. Powder coated surfaces do not provide any skid resistance.

Because of its durability, strength, and skid-resistant texture, LINE-X® XS-100 is an excellent choice for protection on most types of lift gates. The LINE-X coating protects the lift gate from weather, road salts, dirt and debris, and chemicals such as chlorine and gasoline.


Lift gate platforms are removed from the assembly, whenever possible. They are sandblasted and primed with SF-515 to provide the best possible bond. The SF-515 also protects the metal beneath from rust migration if the LINE-X protective coating is ever breached. After priming, the platform is coated with at least 80 mils of LINE-X XS-100 on the top and bottom to provide the maximum corrosion protection.

Standard lift gates are typically completed within 48 hours.


LINE-X XS-100 provides excellent corrosion protection, even for high traffic lift gates. The formulation of XS-100 allows the applicator to increase the surface texture to provide a more skid-resistant finish, as desired.


LINE-X protects lift gates against corrosion damage, does not easily chip or scratch and provides the skid resistance needed for safety. Additionally, typical life cycles of lift gate platforms protected by LINE-X are increased 300-1,000%. If repairs are needed, LINE-X® ReNew is available for an inexpensive fix.