Portable Living Quarters

Portable Living Quarters

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The Situation

There are a wide variety of configurations and materials commonly used in the fabrication and construction of portable modular buildings. These structures can be used as utility buildings, portable living quarters, command centres and much more. Despite their different functions they have one thing in common: to provide protection and security wherever they go.

In this case, mobile living units were fabricated from 40 ft. steel shipping containers to house workers at remote construction sites. These trailers were designed to provide personnel with a climate controlled shelter with cooking and sanitary facilities that would stand up to consistent and rough use.

The Solution

As part of trailer living quarter construction, LINE-X commercial coatings were used on all interior wood and metal surfaces. A light tan colour was chosen to coat the floors, walls and ceiling to provide a bright living environment for workers.

For this application, LINE-X utilised it’s nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material, XS-100, to seal wood panelling on the walls and floor as added protection from water, moisture, abrasion and rough use. This material provides the same durability, toughness and elasticity that made LINE-X a household name.

To ensure a successful application, proper preparation is essential. The areas to be sprayed are cleaned and sanded to remove debris and contaminates, and any cracks or holes are filled or repaired.

The Results

The application dramatically reduced maintenance and repair costs – both to the structure and equipment inside. With a permanently bonded, watertight barrier the structure will enjoy numerous years of maintenance-free operation and out-of-pocket savings.

As a result of the LINE-X protective coating application, the portable living quarters are easier to keep clean and maintain in the field creating a durable and professional appearance. It gives workers a better living environment for long periods working in remote areas and shields equipment, supplies and personnel from exposure to the elements.

Whether it’s a portable living trailer, remote command centre or utility building, LINE-X can protect it.